Hair Care | Curls

Tight Curls Going Straight

Admittedly, straightening tight or frizzy curls takes a little effort. With the proper techniques and products your efforts will however pay off. We will let you in on how to turn wild frizzy curls into the envy of all your friends without working too hard in the process

Extra Hair Care for Tight Curls

Frizzy hair and tight curls are often dry. In contrast to straight hair, curls readily absorb every kind of extra care without turning stringy in the process. You should therefore treat your curls to special hair care products, which also straighten hair. The targeted ingredients of these curl care products help against frizzy hair, straighten curls and provide lustre. It is advisable to use a rinse after every shampoo. A leave-in spray cure is ideal in the early morning rush. Once a week, you should treat your curly hair to a rich mask.

Clever Styles for Tight Curls

Having the right tools on hand is a prerequisite for taming wild curls. Suitable tools are round brushes with large diameter heads or large diameter heated rollers or Velcro rollers. The rollers may be even more convenient to use. It is best to apply a leave-in spray cure to make your curls more manageable before styling them. After applying the styling aid, use the blow-dryer with attached diffuser to almost dry your hair. Now pull your hair over a round brush or use rollers. Allow your hair to completely dry before you carefully style it with a large-toothed comb.

Taking Charge of Tight Curls

Rumour has it that in Brazil some women use pressing irons to straighten their hair. We do not even think of recommending this method because of the imminent danger of heat damage. Modern flat irons with ceramic surfaces deliver evenly distributed controlled heat and are therefore far more hair-friendly than pressing irons. Add today’s ionisation technology to the flat iron features and they will make your hair even smoother and shinier in a shorter time. Don’t forget to apply a heat protective spray or anti-frizz balm to establish the all-important protective heat shield around your hair. This is very important because heat damage must be kept to a minimum. We know you love your hair and will agree not to use flat irons on a daily basis regardless of all modern heat guards.