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Cool Curlers: How to Really Turn up the Heat

Round brush, straightening iron, curling iron... There are so many styling tools to put curls and waves in our hair. But which hair helper is best to use when and for whom? Our overview clears things up: from beach waves to eighties waves, from small curls to large ones – we present the best tricks and tips for every look

When you find the hairstyle of your dreams, the first thing that comes to mind is: What tool should I use for my curly look? Straightening iron or curling iron? Papilottes or a round brush? Rather then letting all the choices make your head spin, we bring order to the curl chaos. Read on to find out what each of the styling helpers can do so you can create your favourite curly hairdo quickly and easily.

Cool Curlers: Curling Iron

Cool Curlers

The curling iron is the best choice for really making waves in your hair

The curling iron is in demand whenever it comes to making large curls or waves in your hair. It comes in two versions: one with a smooth shape tapering to a point, the other a bit wider with a clip element for easier styling. With the former you can work close to the scalp, creating curls with a lot of extra bounce. The curling iron with the bigger diameter on the other hand creates larger waves that fall loosely. Thanks to the clip, this curler is especially easy for beginners to handle: the hair is wrapped around the heated rod and secured by the clip. No matter which tool: the tighter the strands are twisted, the tighter the curls. By the way, both curling iron versions are suitable for both straight and curly hair. This is because hair can be reshaped quickly and easily with the application of heat. You decide whether the curls start at the hairline, or if you only want the ends to be curly. 

Cool Curlers: Straightening Iron

For some it may sound odd at first glance to use a straightening iron for waves. Yet this is the ideal device for trendy beach waves! The hair is clamped between the heated irons strand by strand and twisted by 180 degrees (upwards for the ultimate bounce). Then the straightening iron is slowly pulled down vertically and beautiful, soft curls come out. Which model is right for you? That depends mainly on the length and texture of your hair: wide straightening irons are recommended for long, thicker hair while short cuts are pepped up with the narrow version. The waves too come out larger (with wider heating plates) or smaller (with narrower ones).

Cool Curlers: Hair Rollers

Cool Curlers

Added pep with papilottes: the soft hair rollers put your hair into fine curls

While they are especially gentle on hair, they definitely need more (treatment) time than a curling iron or straightening iron: hair rollers come in many different versions, such as wire with bristle inserts, aluminium rollers with velvet covers, papilottes made of foam and adhesive, Velcro or heated hair rollers and more. In principle, the following applies: the diameter of the hair roller determines the size of the curl. So if you want fuller hair, choose extra-wide volumising hair rollers while the narrow papilottes are ideal for smaller curls.

Cool Curlers: Curling Machine

Next to the straightening iron and curling iron, another hot hairstyling device is now on the market: the curling machine. This tool automatically wraps individual strands – starting at the ends – onto the styling roller on the inside. There the hair is evenly heated and curled. A audible signal sounds as soon as the process is finished. This prevents overheating the strand and lets you know right away when the curl is perfect.

Cool Curlers: Round Brush

A round brush is indispensable for the famous eighties wave. In order to achieve this look, use the brush to turn the ends of the hair out while drying and then secure with hairspray. But this round styling helper is not only good for retro hairdos. It also adds pep and bounce to your hair for everyday wear.

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