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Celebrities Changing from Sleek to Curly Hair

Some celebrities love the playful change of image and appearance. Wearing straight hair one day and curls the next will certainly be noticed. This change tends to modify the appearance even more than changing the hair length or colour

Celebrities often demonstrate that hairstyles do not have to be particularly elaborate or creative to be noticed. A simple change from straight hair to a head of bouncy curls will make an eye-catching difference in a woman’s style.

How to Have Beautiful Straight Hair

Soft and shiny straight hair is a beautiful sight. The styling and makeup determines whether straight hair will look elegant and sophisticated or feminine and alluring. You may also want to wear your hair sleek and straight if you want to look like a school girl again for a day.

All hair looks appealing only if you keep it healthy and shiny. This applies doubly for straight hair. In the absence of waves and curls, every little flaw attracts attention. There are no waves or curls to distract from a fatty scalp, a lack of shine or split ends. Providing your hair with sufficient moisture and using extra-gloss hair care products will help you create the supple nature, which is required for beautiful straight hair. Applying a heat shield before using hot styling tools is essential.

In his video, Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach explains how to straighten hair with dazzling results.

Video: How to Blow-Dry and Straighten Your Hair

How to Style Appealing Springy Curls

A head of springy curls is a natural head turner. Aside from defining a woman’s style, curls often convey the impression of liveliness and fun. Waves and curls come in many versions. You may choose between finger waves, beach waves, corkscrew curls, wild or soft curls. Use volumising powder to increase the bounce and volume of your curls. Hairspray ensures that curly hair keeps its style.

In his video, Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach teaches how to create naturally looking curls.

Video: How to Style Naturally Looking Curls

Please enjoy the photos of celebrities in our gallery who have mastered the instant change from straight hair to curls and back.

Gallery: Celebrities Changing between Straight and Curly Hair

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