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The Biggest Blow Drying Mistakes

Blow drying your own hair is not as simple as it looks at the hairdresser’s. A professional naturally has more practice, but also knows all the right tricks. Now we are revealing them to you! If you follow these golden rules, you are sure to enjoy fantastic blow drying results in the future

You want to learn about proper blow drying? Taking a close look at what your hairdresser does is a good place to start. But you should also know the biggest blow drying mistakes so you can avoid them.

Mistake Number 1: Using the Wrong Products

Long, short, thick, fine – hair has various needs and you have a certain styling result in mind. Sleek or with volume? Depending on the hair texture and look, you have to prepare the hair for styling with suitable products. Fine hair needs light products while thick hair can handle beauty oils too. The top recommendation for everyone: heat protectant! Moisturising can never hurt either since blow drying does remove moisture from hair.

Mistake Number 2: Starting While Your Hair is too Wet

You quickly dab your hair dry after washing and then grab the blow dryer? Just a moment. Arrange the hair with your fingers or a detangler and then wrap the towel around your head again – in a towel turban for instance. Do your makeup first and then start blow drying. In the meantime the towel will soak up the water. That makes blow drying go faster, reducing the exposure to heat – and therefore the stress on your hair!

Mistake Number 3: Not Dividing the Hair into Sections

Blow drying blindly is not the best strategy for an outstanding styling result. Better: divide your hair into sections and blow dry them one by one. For example, part off sections at the crown, back of the head and sides, and temporarily pin the strands back with hair clips. This makes it easier to control the amount of hair and lets you concentrate on one section after another.

Mistake Number 4: Blow Drying too Hot and Dry

You always run the blow dryer at the highest heat setting, because you are in a hurry and the heat protectant will do its job? Not a good idea. This dries the hair out a great deal and damages its structure. In principle, the following applies: shorter and cooler blow drying is easier on your hair.

Mistake Number 5: Using the Wrong Brush

You get the idea: good heat styling takes some planning. In addition to using the right products, the brush you choose is crucial for blow drying as well. A quick guide to brushes: The skeleton brush adds volume at the hairline, the round brush produces volume and pep, while the paddle brush is perfect for fine and mid-length hair, conjuring up a smooth look.

Mistake Number 6: Not Using the Blow Dryer Attachment

That small part you cast aside after unpacking your blow dryer and never used? It’s exactly what you need for a beautifully blow-dried hairstyle! It channels the air and helps you selectively blow dry individual sections. So be sure to use it.

An extra tip: use the time at the hairdresser’s to ask the professional questions about the needs of your hair. You can also get recommendations for the right products. For example, what active ingredients and styling helpers are good for your hair? This ensures you are perfectly prepared for your next blow drying session at home!