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Sleep In Longer: Time-saving Styling and Haircare Tips

Sleep in and still look great? Yes, you can! Save time in the morning with our styling tools and tricks 

Dry shampoo brings your hair back to life


To avoid your hair getting greasy overnight, work in some dry shampoo before you go to bed. Or, apply it in the morning as a miracle cure for flat hair. Depending on the product, a dry shampoo gets your hair looking clean, adds volume and a fresh scent. Simply spray on the roots, leave to work, then massage a little with a towel or your fingertips. Brush hair thoroughly to remove any residue.

Dry your hair super-fast with a microfiber towel


If you have shorter hair, you can treat it to a quick wash cycle even on the tightest morning schedule. Use a microfibre towel afterwards to dry your hair quickly. This fabric absorbs moisture ultra-effectively. Wrap your hair in it while you get dressed and put on your make-up. This gives your hair even more time to dry.

Blow-dry faster


When you need to dry your hair fast, you reach for your hair dryer. But does this still take forever with your long or thick hair? Here’s a turbo tip: Spray an express dry styling spray evenly throughout towel-dried hair. Set your hair dryer to the highest air speed and the lowest heat – this will help you dry your hair efficiently, yet gently.  

A leave-in spray for super-quick care

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Fast care: Apply a leave-in treatment spray or hair tip treatment fluid.

All new leave-in treatment sprays provide quick and effective extra care. These are leave-in products, so no rinsing is required, which saves valuable time. Leave-in treatment sprays make hair easier to comb, deliver a healthy shine and protect from UV light and heat. Tip: Treatment fluid and hair oil can help provide a little extra care for dry ends.  

Quick, work-friendly hairstyles

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A bun is quick to style – and a perfect everyday work look.

With classics like the low pony, the French braid or a bun, you’ll always be styled and ready for the office. Add a stylish edge to your ponytail or bun with a silk scarf. Or, opt for a completely natural style and wear your hair down – the natural look is totally in style. If you want an elegant or glamorous hairstyle for the evening, try a velvet or gemstone embellished headband. Simple hair clips also provide a stylish highlight when wearing hair down. Get short hair in shape in the morning with a little wax or styling cream.

Quick hairstyles for every day

Brunette woman with a half bun walking through a meadow

The half bun is quick, cute – and perfect for bad hair days.

Love beach waves? Here’s how to get a quick hairstyle with beachy flair: Braid your damp hair in the evening after showering. Release the braids in the morning when your hair is dry. Work through a little texturizing salt spray and you’re done!

Another perennially stylish look that works quickly every time: the half bun. This look is perfect for bad hair days! To style it, gather the hair from your ears up and twist it into a bun.
If you’re looking for a style to impress, try the bubble ponytail. Discover here how quick and easy it is to create this pretty look.

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