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Care Calendar: this is how you time your hair care routine the right way

It’s time to take care of your hair: you already pamper your hair with a nutritious care, but want to improve your hair care routine? We show you when you should use a hair oil and how you can get the most out of your hair treatment. We also help you to find the perfect timing and the personal hair care routine that works best for you.

A beauty treatment for your hair is like a short spa getaway at home. You take time for self-care and give your hair that extra bit of love. You can maximize the impact of your hair treatment by leaving it in your hair for extra long while lying on your couch and reading a book or watching your favorite show. As timing is everything, we are about to give you many helpful application tips for hair oils, treatments and more.

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Healthy and groomed hair is the most beautiful accessory

The hair care allrounders: when you should be using hair oils

Hair oils are little multi-taskers when it comes to hair care. Shower time? Put hair oil in for a couple of minutes beforehand. Then it will turn into a real nutrition booster. After your shower, you can massage the oil into your damp hair to prevent frizz. When your hair is in a dry state, you can put hair oil in your hair ends and spread it in small amounts for that extra bit of shine.

Hair treatments without rinsing: the hair care for everyone in a hurry

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Leave-in conditioners are perfect when you have little time

You prefer being well-groomed yet spending minimal time? Then hair treatments that do not require rinsing are your perfect match.


It can work its magic while you are getting dressed and your hair is drying after your shower.


It is best if you apply the hair treatment in your towel-dried hair. Then your hair is almost dry and you can style it the way you are used to.

Intensive treatments: express treatments, hair masks and more

Especially long and dry hair needs special and intensive treatment. That is where hair treatments come into play. In a hurry? Intensive express treatments give your hair that extra bit of care in seconds. If you have a bit more time, then turn it into a self-care ritual: sit down on your couch with a good book and some tea and let the product work its magic. For the extra special care effect, you can let it in overnight. Our tip: put a bathing cap on or wrap your hair into a towel. The extra heat this will produce will activate the hair treatment even further and help it to work all the way into your hair structure.