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11 Ingenious Hair Gloss Tricks

Barely a shimmer? We want more – we want ultimate gloss! In our glow guide, we reveal how to give your hair a glorious lustre. The dramatic result: not only does the glossy mane improve your overall appearance, it also looks much fresher, healthier and cultivated. 11 tricks for a lustrous look:

Brilliance boosters? Yes, they do exist! Even small changes in your hair care routine can help transform dullness into a healthy shimmer. Nevertheless, it is good to know that an even, closed surface texture is the most important requirement for glossy hair. When the outer hair cuticle is intact and smooth, incident light is reflected more effectively and that makes your hair shine. You can boost this natural brilliance with a few simple, artful tricks that make your hair more radiant:

1. Cool-down

Rinse your hair with cold water after washing. This nicely contracts the swollen cuticle and guarantees a smooth surface. A cold shower also stimulates the circulation in your scalp and thereby promotes hair growth.

2. Softener

Lime residues from tap water can accumulate on the hair fibres, roughening and making them appear dull. To rid your hair of lime, you can rinse it with distilled water (available at the pharmacy) or mineral water from the supermarket. 

3. Happy End

Pamper your hair with conditioner every time you wash it. Not only does it provide extra hair care, it also seals the outer layer that was previously opened by the shampoo. Rinses with liquid silk or micro-crystals boost the glow for an added wow effect.

4. Hair Treatment for Guaranteed Gloss

Like going to the spa: hair treatments repair damage and nourish you hair deep down for ultimate care. Simply apply once a week for healthy, supple hair. By the way, express treatments with a great effect after just one minute are available if you are in a hurry.  

5. Hair Care

Your hair is dyed or coloured? Then you should choose special care products with UV filters that protect against fading and maintain the colour intensity. The rich formulas also supply your hair with moisture and conjure up a beautiful, shimmering look.

6. Brush, please

Daily brushing distributes sebum from the scalp through the lengths, where it serves as a protective shield and adds extra gloss to your hair. We recommend a brush with natural bristles (wild boar for instance) since it is gentler on the head, scalp and hair.

7. Go for Glossing

These new beauty treatments give your hair an incredible shimmer and simultaneously pamper your hair. You can either enhance your natural hair colour with gloss pigments (that can be coloured) or refresh an existing colouration with a brilliant gloss.

8. Oiling

For a gleaming finish, simply distribute some hair oil in the dry lengths and ends. The weightless formulas are immediately absorbed by the hair, pampering it for irresistible softness – with no greasy residue. 

9. Gloss From a Spray Can

Apply some hairspray to a brush and run it through your hair. This evenly distributes the lacquer particles in your hair for a beautiful all-round gloss.

10. Going in the Right Direction

Proper blow drying technique is crucial. Blow some gloss into your hair by always directing the air flow from the hairline to the ends. Drying in (!) the direction of growth ensures that the hair surface stays smooth. Gloss booster: set the hair dryer to cold air for a while at the end!

11. Go Round

Use a round brush while blow drying. Not only does that help smooth your hair, it also gives your mane an extra kick. The added movement lends a lively gloss that looks wonderfully natural.