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Trend Look: Healthy Looking Hair

Healthy hair: This hair trend was especially hot among the most popular labels like Chloé and Gucci on the catwalks for the autumn-winter season! Long, sleek and glossy – super healthy looking. Hair you have it: These tips & tricks help you achieve the beautiful healthy look

The Fashion Week hair highlight is a must-have: Healthy looking hair. Which is why it was celebrated even more so on the catwalk by virtually all fashion brands. Healthy hair – a trend that truly looks good on anyone. Blonde, brown, black or red. The supple look is currently especially popular for the autumn/winter season when cold weather, heated air and hats cause dryness and flyaway hair.

What is our favourite look for this trend? See Chloé. The French fashion label has declared healthy hair a statement style. Long, smooth, healthy hair serves as a marvellous highlight for the collection’s boho romanticism. A look that appeals to everyone from head to toe.

Healthy Hair in Next to No Time

Basic rules:

A healthy scalp is essential for strong and glossy looking hair. Stick to a few simple rules and your hair will be grateful forever:

1. Wash your hair with a mild nourishing shampoo

2. Use products tailored to your hair type and colour. This lends a marvellous golden shimmer to blonde, polishes black to a high gloss, adds brilliance to a brown mane and makes red dazzling and radiant.

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3. Knowing how: Leave the product in for a while so it can unfold its full effect. During this time, pamper your scalp with a relaxing massage before thoroughly rinsing out the shampoo.

Essential: Use a conditioner after washing (leave-in or rinse) to restore the natural protective film on the hair fibres.

Styling program:

If you need to create the healthy hair look quickly, just reach for the right styling product. Hair oil, leave-in treatment, gloss spray and more help you create a healthy look with wow effect in just a few steps.

Hair oil: This multi-talent is your best ally when it comes to the glow factor. Oil products add plenty of gloss and suppleness without weighing down the hair. At the same time, hair oil is great for taming curls and a clever way to moisturise.
Caution: If your hair is very fine, apply the oil sparingly.

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Leave-in treatment: Simply apply a hazelnut sized amount of leave-in treatment to towel dried hair and let it do its work. The all-in-one concept intensively nourishes your hair in just a few minutes. More volume, suppleness and gloss are guaranteed.

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Gloss spray: Mission glow completed! Revitalise your hair with a bit of gloss spray for a healthy-looking hairstyle at the push of a button.
Practical: No need to wash the hair first.
Caution: Avoid using too much or your hair quickly looks greasy.