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Growing Long Hair

Wishing for a mega-mane? Easy as pie. We know how to make it possible! With our ten simple tips, your hair can actually grow faster and also look healthier. Long hair, wonderful!

Fortunately this long-term trend never goes out of fashion: Long, full hair. An XL mane was considered a beauty ideal even in ancient Egypt – and this continues today. After all the mega-mane stands for femininity, youth and health. Sounds alluring! You want to go long right now? Then you have to be patient. Or do you? After all, the hair on our head only grows about one centimetre a month. Yet there is a lot you can do for your hair to keep it healthy and looking well groomed so it grows quickly. With our top 10, Rapunzel hair is within your reach:

10 Tips and Tricks for Fast and Healthy Growth

1. Care to a Hair

Tailor the pampering program precisely to your hair type to maintain a healthy, beautiful mane. After all, fine hair has different needs than curly or dyed hair. Especially the lengths and tips benefit from proper hair care, since the ends go through a fair bit of styling stress over time. Special lines of care products repair damaged hair and supply it with important nutrients. What’s more, you do not have to keep trimming the ends of healthy hair! Ideal conditions for a long, healthy looking mane in other words.
2. Stay Cool
Some like it hot – hair does not. So it is best to only wash your mane with lukewarm water because heat robs your hair of moisture. Then rinse your hair with cold water, that closes the cuticle. Even if the mere idea gives you goosebumps, an ice cold conclusion rewards you with a satiny gloss. The result: Healthy hair is less susceptible to split ends, so that undamaged tips can continue growing untouched.

3. Correct Brushing
To prevent hair breakage, always start brushing at the tips. This is the easiest way to untangle small knots. Finally pull the brush from the hairline all the way through the lengths. This evenly spreads oil from the scalp through your hair as a protective film. Brushes with natural bristles are the most gentle on skin and hair.

4. Delicate Bonds
Use soft hair elastics, as wide as possible and without metal parts for styling. They do not roughen the mane up as badly, do not leave kinks and do not damage the structure as much. To protect the hair roots, avoid tying hair too tight. Also change the position of your ponytail so the hair is not always stressed in the same place. That leads to hair breakage in the worst case.

5. Head Massages
Not only are they incredibly relaxing, they also stimulate circulation in the scalp: A gentle massage therefore also promotes hair growth. Wonderful. So get your hair pampered with a bit of flair. On the other hand, a wooden massage brush does the job as well.

6. Step by Step: Transition Hairstyles
It is best to proceed step by step on the way to the long hair look. Especially with short cuts, transition hairstyles are ideal to bring short hair to a new length. This is because the cut also gets lost as the hair grows. Interim cuts make sure that hair remains well cared for and in good shape. Furthermore, you are always up to date with trend hairstyles such as the baby bob, clavi cut & co.

7. Dare To Take The Next Step
While it may sound like a paradox, scissors cannot be taboo for long hair. Damaged tips require regular trimming to keep the mane healthy and free of split ends. How much? About half a centimetre every two months is entirely sufficient. The belief that cutting hair makes it grow faster is a myth. While freshly trimmed ends appear visually fuller, this is only because long hair naturally thins towards the tips.

8. Healthy Hair!
Our nutrition has a major influence on hair growth. When the body is provided with all important nutrients, the hair roots can do their work properly as well. Power foods for hair – milk products, eggs, legumes – contain protein, zinc, B vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids among other things. After all, beauty and long hair also come from the inside!

9. Take it Easy
Our body releases certain messenger substances when we are under stress, including noradrenalin. Concentrated at the hair follicle, it can cause inflammation. The result: A premature end to the growth phase of the hair, causing it to fall out. So it is better to take it easy more often, (not only) in favour of your hair.

10. Long live Sport
Regular exercise – endurance and strength – boosts the metabolism and therefore ultimately hair growth.

A long mane is a sure thing for you with these tips and tricks. To see what all you can do with that, see the long hair looks in our gallery:

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