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Effective Hair Care

Masks, treatments, sprays: Supermarket shelves and beauty cabinets are fully of promising hair care products. But optimum hair care is only achieved if the products are applied in the right places. We reveal what is actually beneficial for the hairline, lengths and tips

Conditioner belongs in the lengths, oils should not be applied to the hairline but on the ends. Splitting hairs? By no means. It actually makes a big difference where care products are applied to the hair. Our instructions reveal where hair care works correctly:

Effective Care for the Hairline

Since this is where hair is the youngest and has not been through as much styling stress yet, the hairline is especially easy to care for. This is also where the hair is provided with a protective film of sebum from the scalp. Overly rich treatments would only weigh down the hair. You should therefore pay greater attention to the scalp. When it is doing well, your hair reaps the benefits. Therefore it is best to use shampoos tailored to the needs of your scalp when washing your hair. Only then are excess greasy residues and flakes effectively removed from the hairline, rather than burdening your hair.

Effective Hair Care for the Lengths

Effective hair care
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The golden mean: Proper care of the lengths makes hair look healthy

Hair in the thick of things is a bit more demanding. No wonder, since heat and styling stresses the hair structure in the lengths over time. This is where rich, nourishing care products come in: Conditioners, hair masks and treatments effectively moisturise, repair damaged hair and supply important nutrients. Serums and other liquid care products that do not get rinsed out are perfect for the lengths. Those who long for a healthy, gleaming mane, an investment here is highly recommended.

Effective Care for the Tips

Effective hair care
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Set your sights on hair care for the ends. They are after all the most sensitive

The ends of our hair are the oldest part of our mane. They have gone through a lot of trendy styles and often suffer from dryness or splitting. Daily friction against our clothes makes the ends susceptible to these problems as well – especially during the winter months, when knit sweaters and scarves are a permanent part of our wardrobe. This means you should not hesitate to spread conditioners, masks and similar products all the way to the tips. They are longing for the full pampering package. This should also include sun and heat protection, otherwise the hair ends can quickly appear strawy. What’s more, a bit of care oil moisturises the ends and makes them glossy.