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Cut your own tips at home – here’s how!

After a while of being exposed to heat styling products, hair ties, and other environmental factors, split ends are bound to happen. So, it’s extra important to cut the ends of your hair regularly to keep them in check. The good news is, it’s pretty easy to do yourself! We’ll show you how to trim your own hair at home—no professional help required.


No matter the condition of your hair, or what hairstyle you have, trimming your hair ends will help you avoid getting split ends. Don’t be daunted, cutting your own tips is really straightforward when you know how. Here’s some guidance for taking the scissors into your own hands!

How to cut your own hair

Before getting started, it’s a good idea to make sure you have proper hair scissors. You can find these in any good drugstore. Steer clear of ordinary household or kitchen scissors: they’re typically not sharp enough and so will end up doing your hair more harm than good.

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Are your tips looking a bit worse for the wear? We show you how to cut your own hair at home.

Step by step: Trimming your own hair for straight hair

Give this process a go if you have straight hair with an even length:


  1. Wash your hair beforehand and don’t dry it off—hair cuts better when it’s still a little wet.
  2. Comb your hair thoroughly until you’re satisfied there are no more knots. Feel free to use a spray that helps combability.
  3. Now tie a tight ponytail. The closer it is to the neck, the better!
  4. Once the hair tie is tied tightly, gently pull it straight down to your tips.
  5. Depending on how much hair you want to trim, pull the hair tie down so that two to five centimeters of your tips poke out the end.
  6. Hold your ponytail in front of you, press the tips of your hair flat, and clasp them between your index and middle finger.
  7. Now you can cut off about one to two centimeters.
  8. Dry and style your hair, not forgetting to use heat spray, and you’re done!

Step by step: Trimming your own hair for layered hair

The procedure is a touch more complicated if you have a layered haircut, but don’t worry! Follow the steps below and you’ll soon get the hang of it.


  1. After washing your hair, comb it thoroughly and create a center part.
  2. To start with, follow the steps above for cutting your own hair for straight hair.
  3. Then, using hair clips, fasten the hair that frames your forehead to the side and out of the way.
  4. Now you’re ready to tackle the layers! Take a finger-width strand of hair from the part, hold it between your middle and index finger, and pull it to the side. Your fingers should be perpendicular to your head at this point. Now trim about a centimeter off the end.
  5. Only cut your bangs when they’re dry. This helps you avoid cutting them too short. Gather your bangs together in the middle of your face, hold them with your index and middle finger, and then pull them upwards. Your fingers should now be horizontal to your head. Hold them in front of your face and cut off about a centimeter from the tips. That’s it!

Proper hair care

Cutting your own tips regularly is really important, so it’s a good thing you now know how to do it! But don’t forget to follow other hair care procedures as well, so your locks stay nice and healthy. Make sure to use a shampoo and conditioner that contains nourishing ingredients, apply hair oil to your tips from time to time, and use a deeply nourishing conditioner a couple of times a week.