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Palette Dual Numbering System

With the help of the Palette double numbering system, choosing the perfect color has become much more convenient. Now you can determine the depth, shade and nuance of the desired hair color, knowing the numerical designation of the shade. 

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The first digit shows the depth of the tone (from dark to light): 


1 > Black

3 > Dark chestnut

4 > Chestnut

5 > Light chestnut

6 > Dark blonde

7 > Medium blonde

8 > Light blonde

9 > Blonde

10 > Extraordinary blonde

12 > Special Brightening

The second and third digits indicate shade and nuance: 


0 > Natural

1 > Sandre/Ashen

2 > Ash

4 > Beige

5 > Golden

6 > Chocolate

7 > Copper

8 > Red

9 > Purple


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