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Diadem | Rootset

LR1 Lightener

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Tutorial : How to use

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    1. Preparation

    • Before starting the application,  please wear gloves, protect your clothing and have a watch nearby.
    • Gently brush or comb your hair   into your preferred hair style to show the visible roots you want to touch-up.
    • Please use Diadem on dry, not pre-washed hair.*


    *suitable for every shade except for the lightener. For the lightener please refers to the leaflet instruction in the folding box.

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    2. Mixing

    • Squeeze the whole content of the tube into the mixing-tray and add the entire content of the developer bottle into the mixing-tray
    • Thoroughly mix the contents of  the mixing-tray with the supplied rootbrush until a homogeneous consistency is reached.
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    3. Application

    • Generously cover the application  brush with coloration mixture .
    • Work the color cream deeply onto   the most visible roots at the hair-  line around the face, part and temples.
    • Apply the cream mixture along the partings
    • Leave in the color for 10 minutes**
    **In order to achieve a more intensive color result, please extend the processing time to 15 minutes.
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    4. Rinse

    • At the end of the processing time, add a little luke warm water to the hair and work into a lather
    • Massaging around the hairline to  prevent staining.
    • Rinse thoroughly until water  runs clear – finished !