The Plex Technology added to the Strengthening Serum repairs your damaged hair and restores its strength and shine!


As time passes, your hair undergoes gradual changes. It gets thinner, loses its strength and flexibility and becomes more brittle. Therefore, over time, your hair develops a special need of care and protection. Hair bonds are the secret of strong hair.


Diadem with its Plex Technology in the Strengthening Serum is the solution. It supports the micro-bonds that hold the hair fibers together in the hair, making them stronger and protecting the hair against damages, all during and after application. Diadem thus helps to reduce hair breakage by up to 70%* and protects the hair from thermal and mechanical treatments.  


With Diadem, Schwarzkopf gives you access to professional anti-breakage technology at home!  



The Nutri-Silk Proteins in the caring silk conditioner provide better visible hair quality!*


With age, your hair is also losing protein, affecting its color. Moreover, with hair thinning your hair looks drier and less lively. Therefore, it is particularly important to provide a suitable care for colored hair.


Diadem and its caring silk conditioner with Nutri-Silk Proteins leaves your hair smooth and nourished. It provides a deep silk care treatment for hair soft to touch.


With Diadem, Schwarzkopf gives you a better visible hair quality* with up to 5 weeks of deep care.

*vs. untreated hair