Brillance Pure Diamond Blonds
Brillance | Pure Diamond Blonds

Diamond Platinum

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    • Long-Lasting Pure Blond
    • Extreme lightener for up to 7 levels of lift
    • Crystal Clear Blond
    • With 2 pigmented hair masks

    Color Results

    • medium blond
    • medium blond
    • dark blond
    • Long-Lasting Pure Blond
    • 9 levels of lift
    • Crystal Clear Blond
    • With 2 pigmented hair masks

    Color Results

    • medium blond
    • dark blond
    • light brown


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    1. Preparation

    Before starting the application, place a clothing protection and a watch nearby so that you can monitor the application time. Brillance is to be used on dry, not pre-washed hair. Before coloring your hair, remove the gloves supplied from the back of the instruction leaflet and put them on.

  2. brillance_com_pure_diamonds_blonde_application_2_mixing_1_480x540

    2. Mixing - Step 1

    Cover clothing and put on the gloves provided. Unscrew the cap of the Applicator Bottle. To open the sachet, cut it along the dotted line. Now empty contents of Blond Activator Sachet (1) into the Applicator Bottle. Open the Lightening Cream Tube (2) by piercing the tube sealing with the reverse side of the cap. Squeeze the whole content of the tube into the Applicator Bottle. Screw the bottle as firmly as possible. Start mixing by rolling the bottle horizontally in your hands.

  3. brillance_com_pure_diamonds_blonde_application_2_mixing_2_480x540

    3. Mixing - Step 2

    Then shake vigorously vertically until all components are thoroughly mixed and have turned into a smooth cream. Unscrew the upper part of the application tip and start with the application immediately.

  4. brillance_com_pure_diamonds_blonde_application_3a_first_time_480x540

    4. Application

    To ensure an even consistency, discharge the tip volume before starting the application. Then apply the mixture directly from the Applicator Bottle on dry, not pre-washed hair.

  5. brillance_com_pure_diamonds_blonde_application_3a_first_time_480x540

    4.a First-Time Application

    This application is recommended if:

    • you are lightening your hair permanently for the first time, or
    • after your previous lightening no regrowth can be seen.

    Keep the protective clothing and the gloves on. Immediately apply the prepared lightening mixture strand after strand on the whole hair and distribute it evenly to ensure all hair is evenly covered.

    Leave the mixture in for between 30 and 45 minutes.

  6. brillance_com_pure_diamonds_blonde_application_3b_root_regrowth_480x540

    4.b Root Regrowth-Application

    Root Regrowth Application is necessary if:

    • your hair is already lightened permanently and
    • a regrowth is visible.

    Keep the protective clothing and the plastic gloves on. Make a parting with the tip of the Applicator Bottle and apply the mixture evenly along the parting to the roots with your fingertips (leave supplied gloves on). Repeat this procedure for the whole regrowth area. Ensure all regrowth is evenly covered. Leave the mixture on for 30 to 40 minutes until the whole regrowth shows nearly the same lightening result as the rest of the hair.

    If necessary, dampen ends and spread mixture onto the rest of the hair to ensure even distribution and leave mixture for another 2–5 minutes.

  7. brillance_com_pure_diamonds_blonde_application_3b_root_regrowth_480x540

    5. Processing Time

    The lightening effect depends on the length of the processing time and on how dark your natural hair color is.

    As part of the lightening process, Brillance Pure Diamond Blonds lightens the natural color pigments of the hair. During this time, you will notice your hair go through red/gold tones that will lighten during processing. This is perfectly normal, do not reduce the processing time or rinse the product off at this stage.

    For an optimal lightening result, the processing time should not be shortened.

    To determine the correct processing time, please check it during application:

    • Put on gloves again.
    • After 25 minutes, wipe a single thin strand of hair clear in order to check the level of lightening achieved. To achieve a lighter result, apply the mixture from the surrounding hair onto the same strand and increase the processing time. Please note that the darker your natural hair color is, the more processing time is required to achieve a lighter result (but the processing time should not exceed 45 minutes).
  8. brillance_com_pure_diamonds_blonde_application_5_rinsing_480x540

    6. Rinsing

    Before rinsing your hair, put on the gloves again. At the end of the processing time, apply warm water to the hair and work into a lather. Then rinse out thoroughly until water runs clear.

  9. brillance_com_pure_diamonds_blonde_application_6_conditioning_480x540

    7. Conditioning

    Before applying the treatment on your hair, put the gloves on. Distribute the Platinum Hair Mask into your towel-dry hair and comb it to ensure an even application. Leave it in for up to 3 minutes and then wash out. Rinse thoroughly to leave your hair with a nice cool blond.

    Repeat the treatment with the second sachet after some washes, it will help to refresh the neutralization.