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Brillance | Luminance

Ultra Violet

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    • Fashionable color even on dark hair
    • Lightening and coloring in just one step
    • Perfect Grey Coverage

    Color Results

    • dark blond
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    • light brown
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    • dark brown
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    1. Preparation

    Before starting the application, place a clothing protection and a watch nearby so that you can monitor the application time.

    Brillance is to be used on dry, not pre- washed hair. Before coloring your hair, remove the gloves supplied from the back of the instruction leaflet and put them on.

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    2. Mixing - Step 1

    Please wear gloves and protect your clothing. Unscrew the cap of the Application Bottle. Pierce the Color Cream tube with the reverse side of the cap. Carefully squeeze the entire content into the Application Bottle.

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    3. Mixing - Step 2

    Place the cap back on the Application Bottle and close it securely. Shake the bottle vigorously until all ingredients are mixed into a smooth cream.

    Then twist off the tip of the cap and immediately start with the application process as follows.

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    4. Application - Full Head Application

    This method is recommended if:

    • you are coloring your hair permanently for the first time.
    • your previous hair color has completely grown out or has been washed away.

    Apply the entire mixture, strand after strand, onto all of your hair. Then evenly spread the mixture with your fingertips. Leave on your hair to develop for 30 minutes.

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    5. Application - Regrowth Application

    This method is recommended if:

    • your hair has been colored and the regrowth is visible.
    • the ends of your hair are darker or in poor condition.

    At first, apply ⅔ of the mixture throughout the whole regrowth area. To do this, part a section of your hair using the tip of the Application Bottle. Apply the mixture along the parting by spreading it evenly into the roots with your fingertips (leave supplied gloves on). Repeat this procedure for the whole regrowth area.

    Leave on to develop for 20 minutes.

    Afterwards, apply the remaining mixture to the midlength section and to the ends of your hair. Spread evenly and leave on for an additional 10 minutes.

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    6. Rinsing

    At the end of processing time put on the gloves again. Apply warm water to the hair and work into lather.

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    7. Conditioning

    Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear. Afterwards, apply the specially developed Care Conditioner into the towel-dried hair and leave it in for 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. 3 weeks later apply the 2nd Care Conditioner for an irresistable color vibrancy.