Blonde Strands Feather Balayage

Feather Balayage

Feather Brush

The supplied Feather Brush makes creating flattering contrasts so easy with no harsh lines for 3 looks: contouring, sombré or featherlights.

Oil-powered Lightening with OmegaPLEX

The Paint-on lightening formula combined with professional anti-breakage technology strengthens micro-bonds inside the hair fiber against damage for up to 80 % less hair breakage*.

Get a paint-on lightening with anti-yellow effect for up to 6 levels of lift for flattering blonde contrasts. After the lightening process, the Blonde conditioner strengthens the hair structure and gives a smooth feeling.

*vs untreated hair

Feather Balayage

Feather Balayage

Flattering blonde contrasts with up to 6 levels of lift and great anti-yellow effect.

Blonde Strands F1 Feather Balayage