Care for your and your Family’s Hair

Hair deserves care just like family deserves love and Schauma time is family time. So, we want to make sure that your and your family’s hair receive optimal care. Here are some tips on how to give daily care to everyone’s hair and create your own Schauma time.


Use the Right Care for Every Member’s Hair  


Listen to the hair’s needs and use the right shampoo and conditioner for each for each family member’s hair type. Each shampoo and conditioner has a different effect on the hair, using the wrong product can lead to unwanted results. So, choose the perfect care and make your family look and feel good from top to bottom.

Give your Family’s Hair Extra Love with a Conditioner


Using a conditioner provides extra care for your and your family’s hair. It makes the hair smooth, shiny and easily manageable when combing.

How to apply the conditioner for optimal care:

  1. Gently apply the conditioner into the wet hair’s lengths and tips.
  2. Leave it in shortly.
  3. Rinse thoroughly. Don’t forget to turn of the water.

Drying Off your Loved Ones Hair with Care  


For your hair quality it is the best to let the hair air dry and not use any heat. When drying off the hair with a towel it is important to scrunch and squeeze and not rub it dry. This way the hair is dried without being damaged. Your hair and family will thank you for it.

Give your Family’s Hair the Right Amount of Care


Careful brushing and combing of the hair prevents knots from forming and helps make the hair look healthy. However, if you brush or comb the hair too powerful, your hair fibre will be damaged, and the hair will be weakened.