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Hair trend 2018: New Curls

Wearable and authentic hair with a hint of coolness is on trend for 2018¬ – as demonstrated by Schwarzkopf TrendLooks 2018 by hair expert Armin Morbach. These styles reflect the campaign slogan #createyourstyle perfectly. Taming and straightening wild curls? Please don't! Get the most out of natural curls with the right care routine. The wilder the curls, the better. Check out one of the TrendLooks 2018: New Curls!


Curls go wild!

If you compare the looks of 2018 with music, “New Curls“ would be a cool Hip Hop song: Wild, naturally tumbling curls or sumptuously textured kinky hair remind us of music icons, of the type of cool singer-songwriters you might find on the streets of London or New York. “Make the most of your hair and style it to reflect how you feel, so you can express yourself. That's all that matters“, says star stylist Armin Morbach. Curly, kinky, rebellious? Great! Wild hair is no longer tamed, but celebrated. Put away the straighteners and relaxers, bring on volume and liveliness! With the right styling, wavy hair really comes into its own. Nourishing oils, used subtly, add a charming shine. Braided elements, especially framing the face, hold back extremely voluminous hair just enough to make it manageable. Forget plain. Curls are getting their chance to rock out.

What makes the New Curls Look:

  1. Taming curly hair takes a lot of energy. Instead, embrace your curls and delight in volume.
  2. Wave after wave, in perfect order? Could get boring. Let strands dance and move in any direction, that's way more exciting.
  3. A strong colour turns a head of curls into a true eyecatcher.


Your hair is straight? Braids, curlers, curling irons, etc. can add bounce to your hair.


Ready for super cool curls? Model Eli's how-to-video shows how to style cool curls:

How to style the New Curls Look

one dam image
Tamed? No way! The New Curls Look is wild!
  1. Section off a wide strand of hair at the front and clip it back out of the way.
  2. Brush the section of hair, add a few drops of hair oil, like Gliss Kur Ultimate Repair Öl-Elixier and rub it in. It's the perfect curly hair food.
  3. Braid the section of hair, secure with a hair band and pin in to the side with bobby pins.
  4. For strong hold: Hair spray to finish – done! Tip: For a strong expressive colour, dye your hair with a nurturing rinse – like Color Expert Intensiv-Pflege Color-Creme in intensivem Schwarz.
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Curly and kinky hair shouldn't be overworked, to keep its bounce and movement.

3 reasons to love the New Curls Trend:

Woman with unruly hair with New Curls Look.

Curls pointing in all directions? Perfect, you're bang on trend!

  • No more stressful straightening. Love your locks and feel great.
  • Go against the current. Wild curls are a great way of expressing your nonconformist side.
  • Curly hair adds a lively, youthful touch to any look.
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