Woman with wavy hair worn in 70s brushed look.
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Hair trend 2018: 70s brushed

How will we wear our hair in 2018? In cool, wearable and authentic styles! Hair expert Armin Morbach's Schwarzkopf TrendLooks 2018 prove that styling is all about creating the best version of yourself – in keeping with the campaign slogan #createyourstyle! One of the four TrendLooks 2018 that's all about individuality and confidence: 70s Brushed

The Schwarzkopf Look “70s Brushed“ combines a centre part with soft waves and blow-out strands with a sideswept fringe. Who should wear “70’s Brushed“ hair? Anyone who enjoys a properly styled look that is both elegant and nostalgic... but still modern, according to Armin Morbach. Faye Dunaway, Jane Fonda, Stefanie Powers – the Wonder Women of the 70s are unforgettable for their hair alone. Now their Seventies waves are back and more beautiful than ever, in this modern iteration. Simply draw a centre or side parting leave the top section straight while you form the lower sections into gentle waves using large round brushes. Set with hairspray – and your dreamy style is done.

Here's what makes the 70s Brushed look:

Woman with generous waves and strong side part.

Modern Seventies: Large waves and a strong parting make the style.

  1. Large, gentle waves, particularly in the hair ends, make the look beautifully natural.
  2. 1970s-style hairstyles give fine, thin locks soft volume.
  3. Whether you do a side or centre part: Draw a clear parting for this look. It helps the soft waves frame your face perfectly.

How to style these amazing Seventies waves? Model Eliza shows us in this How-to-video. Enjoy styling the look!

How to style the 70s Brushed look

70s Brushed look styling with several brushes and a hairdryer.

Several round brushes help style the 70s Brushed look.

  1. Wash and towel dry your hair.
  2. Distribute volumising mousse all over your hair, especially the ends.
  3. Blow dry over a round brush. Tip: Use three round brushes while blow drying. Roll into the front sections and leave to cool. The waves will last longer that way.
  4. Set the look with hairspray. Tip: For a rich colour, dye the hair a nice shade of brown – like Brillance Intensive-Color-Creme. For beautiful colour and shine, use a Glanz-Repair-Spülung before blow drying.

one dam image
70s Brushed styling in a few simple steps.

5 reasons to love the 70s Brushed trend:

  • Seventies waves are both retro and modern.
  • In a few simple steps, you can conjure a look that works for every day, but does double duty as a party style.
  • Your waves aren't perfect? Flyaway strands add movement and liveliness.
  • Can't decide whether the style suits you? Be inspired by Blake Lively, Duchess Kate or Miranda Kerr – they've all discovered these dreamy waves for themselves.
  • Worn with a pantsuit and a flowy blouse in strong colours like red or teal, you can take your look all the way to the 70s. Modern outfits bring it back to 2018.
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