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Juan Pablo Jim: “I would do absolutely anything with my hair”

Juan Pablo has a lot to say about ... well, everything, actually. Find out for yourself how the Mexican content creator feels about hair trends for men, beauty products and world travel in our #SCHWARZKOPFcreators interview.

Juan Pablo loves Berlin! “I feel like I could live here,” he gushes. How lucky that the Schwarzkopf 120th anniversary celebrations have brought him to the city more than once in the past year. In between visits to the German capital, the #JimnessWorldTour is taking him all over the globe, from his native Mexico to fashion hotspots London, New York, Milan and Paris, as well as cities and beaches in between. 

Juan Pablo on travel inspiration and excess luggage

Where do you find inspiration and who inspires you?
Travel inspires me a lot, seeing different cultures and experiencing different realities, meeting people and seeing how they live and think, what they eat, how they pray, what they do for fun. I think that's very inspiring in this world where everyone can be famous for 15 minutes, or very popular on social media. To me, it's important that I do something good and create something that others are inspired by.

Name three hair and beauty products you always carry in your travel bag.

I can carry a whole suitcase full of products! As I grow older, I am getting more into grooming and beauty. You carry your hair and skin with you every day, it doesn't change with the seasons like clothes do. You're stuck with your hair, your skin, your face and your body for the rest of your life. The hair products I always carry are oil, conditioner and hairspray. I don't think many men use it, but I'm absolutely addicted to hairspray because it helps me get big hair. For my skin, I have a special cream for every part of my body, like foot cream and hand cream and under eye cream, sunblock …

Juan Pablo on hair trends and styling routines

Which current hair trend do you like the most?
I don't know about trends so much, but I like longer hair right now, so I'm trying to grow it out. I think long hair isn't such a good look on older men, so I feel like I need to do it now.

What hairstyle will you wear when you're 70?

Hopefully the same. My grays are natural and I've had gray hair for a long time. I love silver foxes: older men with salt and pepper hair, short at the sides. It gives you such an air of experience, whether you're 40 or 70. Hopefully I'll grow into that phase.

Would you go for an extreme hairstyle?

I would definitely. When I went through a breakup, I shaved the sides of my head and dyed the top platinum blonde. It was a bit extreme, but I loved it! People would tell me to my face: "you look so bad," but when I looked in the mirror, I felt cool and rebellious. It gave me so much confidence, so I would do absolutely anything with my hair.

How do you style your hair every day?
Now that it's growing a little bit, it tends to go flat, so I'll use a lot of conditioner and when I get out of the shower, I put in a bit of oil and let it air dry. I never use a blow dryer, because the fewer steps it takes, the better. It's very low maintenance.

What's your look on a lazy Sunday?

If I can, I try not to get out of bed, but I usually see my parents on Sundays. If I do nothing, my hair is all over the place. You have no idea how I look when I wake up in the morning. Like a lion!

What's your ultimate hair secret?

It's a wig. Haha, only joking! I never colored it until a year ago. Since I colored it for the first time, it's been undergoing so many changes. I think once you start, you can't go back. It's not that I got addicted, but you do have to keep doing things to change or keep up the color.

Juan Pablo on loving his life and finding confidence in his hair

If you could be someone else for a day, whose life would you want to live?
I think my life is pretty good, so I wouldn't trade it. I hope that doesn't sound self-absorbed.


Right now, Juan Pablo Jim is trying to grow his hair. His credo: "If my hair is good, everything else is good too."

What do you like most about yourself and what's your ultimate confidence booster?
I really do love my hair. My hair is a big part of who I am. People always comment on it. Even when I was very young, people already told me I have great hair. If I have a bad hair day, it really will affect how I feel. I'm very proud of it, so if my hair is good, everything else is good too. 

Juan Pablo on being adventurous and envying French men

Are you cautious or adventurous?
Adventurous. Would anyone ever call themselves cautious?

The best garment ever invented?

Jeans! I wear them every day. My uniform is blue jeans, white t-shirt and a leather jacket.

The biggest difference between European and Mexican men?
Europeans dress better. If I had to pick one nationality, I'd have to say French men are the best dressed, especially Parisians. 

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