Woman with mermaid waves
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Beachy and Beautiful: Mermaid Waves

This gorgeous hairstyle is totally summer-ready. Mermaid waves create a sexy, casual look that’ll make you long to be beside the seaside! Find out how to quickly achieve this curly style, and which outfits to pair it with

It’s all over Pinterest and Instagram: Sexy mermaid wave hair is THE trend hairstyle for the coming summer. That’s hardly surprising: The look is a perfect mix of hip hairstyles – wet-look meets beach waves and a wild, curly mane. It’s ideal for long-haired women and perfect for sunny days. With this hairstyle, keep the spirit of the ocean with you, and keep that vacation feeling alive! What you need to achieve mermaid waves? A curling iron and heat protection, plus a texturizing spray. Perfect your “just-out-of-the-ocean” look with gloss spray or gel. Follow our easy instructions to achieve this curly style.

Five steps to summery mermaid waves

  • Create a center part and apply a heat protection spray.
  • Now wrap sections around a curling iron. Start with the hair underneath, and work your way outwards to the upper layers. Remember: The thinner the curling iron, the tighter the resulting curls will be.
  • Tip: Heat liquefies the keratin in the hair, making it malleable. To maintain your curls for longer, you can hold them in your hand while they cool. The keratin will solidify again and the curl will retain its shape.
  • Apply a texture spray to your hair for the ultimate beach look.
  • For a wet look, think: fresh from the waves – apply a shine spray or gel. 
  • Finally, finish with hairspray. 
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Balayage adds even more movement to mermaid waves.

Are trendy mermaid waves for you?

Blond woman with mermaid waves

Mermaid waves look especially summery and radiant in blond hair.

This curly look is perfect for long-haired women who can transform their hair into a wild “wow” mane. It doesn’t matter whether the hair is naturally straight or curly. Women with curls don’t have to do much, just knead some curling balm into their hair for more bounce and then wrap individual strands around the curling iron. Smooth a little hair oil over the lengths and tips and your perfect summer style is done. Blonds benefit from their natural hair color, which automatically looks sun-kissed.

The perfect fashion match for mermaid waves

This hairstyle is the icing on the cake of a relaxed summer look. Put together a laid-back outfit: Mermaid waves look with in hippie style, like a maxi dress, and with the ever-popular Coachella look: think denim short shorts, top and a fringed vest. The more casual the outfit, the better. These wild curls are the ideal hairstyle for true boho-style lovers. Espadrilles or wedges with a raffia sole complete the style perfectly. When it comes to jewelry, more is more: Combine necklaces of different lengths and a stack of jingling bangles to complete the look.