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Cool Side Cuts for Sexy Women

The trend of shaving the hair on only one side of the head keeps finding friends among stars and fashionable women. Before you reach for the razor you may like to have a closer look at the side cuts of the stars for inspiration. We also show how you can imitate the style to try it on for size

Women with buzz cuts are a rare sight. More wearable and charming but equally extravagant are side cuts with razor-cut hair on one side and hair of various lengths on the other. The play with contrasts is the essence of the cool and sexy side cuts.

In our photo gallery, we show how the stars wear side cuts. You may find your next haircut!

Gallery: Cool Side Cuts for Women

Faux Side Cut – Practicing to Dare!


US American model Chanel braids her side hair to fake the side cut

Side cuts come in many variations. Firstly, the hair length may vary from shaven to stubbles to short. Secondly, the side cut style may be faked. The shorter you cut or shave your hair the more heads you will turn.

The overall appearance of side cuts is also defined by the styling of the long portion of the hair. This side is often used to express femininity. Examples are wavy bobs, beach waves and braided styles. You can style this portion of your hair in the usual way. Long hair looks best if it is swept over the shoulder. Side cuts can be worn with fringes. Alternatively, longer front hair may be waved and flipped sideways and back or draped across the forehead. If you prefer to downplay the side cut for especially formal settings, wearing a ponytail is an obvious and very effective solution.

You may prefer not to cut or shave your hair for a side-cut style. Braiding or twisting your hair into tight cornrows on one side will create a modified version of the side cut. Using bobby pins to keep your hair pulled back and close to the head is another version.

In his video tutorial, Armin Morbach shows how to fake a side cut using gel.

Video: Fake Side Cut


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