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From Short to Long Hairstyles

Cutting long hair short is quick and easy. The same hardly applies to the transition from short to long hair. On the contrary, patience and styling skills are of the essence if you want to make this without losing a fashion beat. Having the proper styling skills and tools definitely helps to bridge the gap between creativity and styling success. Agyness Deyn demonstrates how creative and stylish the transitions can be

Agyness Deyn made her breakthrough wearing a platinum blonde pixie haircut. The sassy haircut certainly got her noticed. She turned her lucky break into a successful modelling career and soon, her particular style of pixie became a household name as 'the aggy'. Recently, she decided that it was time to part with the old and her signature haircut. After all, successful models represent the fashions and styles of our time. With the patience and skill of the true professional she made the best out of every transitional step. Meanwhile, her hair has grown long enough for a stylish long bob.

In our photo gallery, we show how Agyness Deyn met the styling challenges during the transition from pixie to long bob.

Gallery: Hairstyle Transitions

Transitional Hairstyles: Tips and Tricks

Agyness Deyn made the best of every transitional hairstyle. Dependent on the relative lengths of different portions of her hair, she adapted her hairstyles and created variety in styles and hair colour. This made her transitions from sassy pixie to long bob seamless. A few styling skills, creativity, and playfulness will make it easy to express style and fashion sense along the way to longer hair. Styling tools like hair wax, hair gel, and hair oil make the styling transitions even easier. Bobby pins, accessories, and hair slides further help to style hair while it grows to the desired length. Hair accessories and jewellery also work as dazzling distractions while you make the most of transitional hairstyles.

Transitional Hairstyles: Patience, Creativity and Proper Hair Care Help

On average, hair grows about 0.6’’ per month. Dependent on the nature of your hair, it will take about twelve months from pixie to shoulder length hair. You can assist healthy hair growth with tender loving care. Take care of your scalp with conditioning treatments and rinses and treat your scalp to a massage every once in a while. Healthy hair growth will be your reward.