Brigitte Bardot with Curtain Bangs
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Curtain bangs: The stylish fringe trendsetters are currently rocking

Style icons like Brigitte Bardot made the look famous: Long bangs separated by a middle parting. The style, now known as “curtain bangs,” has made a comeback – and is hot among trendsetters. Curtains up on the bangs of the season!

Alexa Chung with Curtain Bangs

The Queen of Style and Coolness: Model Alexa Chung wears curtain bangs.

Super-long bangs could be said to be the random result of growing out shorter bangs. But label them “curtain bangs” – and boom, you’ve got the hottest bangs trend of the moment! Trendsetters are loving curtain bangs, and they’ve been spotted all over social media. Yet the look is not even new: Style icon Brigitte Bardot wore it back in the sixties – but now we’ve got a name to put to the face-framing style.


You don’t necessarily need a hairdresser to achieve this look. Easy: Anyone currently growing out shorter bangs can try out this trend. Maybe then instead of growing those bangs all the way out, you’ll give them another chance – as curtain bangs! Few other hairstyles manage to frame the face in such a nonchalantly cool way.

The curtain bangs look

Women with Curtain Bangs

Also works great on wavy hair: Curtain bangs.

As the name suggests, this bangs style doesn’t fall over the forehead, but is instead parted in the middle, with the bangs falling on either side of the face. Ideally, bangs should be longer than eye-length, and blend at the sides into the longer strands of the rest of your hair – that’s how you get the casual best out of this look. Those with fuller hair are especially suited to curtain bangs: The thicker, the better.

How to style curtain bangs

Women with Curtain Bangs and glasses

The rest of the hair can either be worn down – or styled in a high bun, as seen here.

After washing, apply heat protection to the hair, create a center part and loosen up bangs with your fingers as you blow dry. Once hair is dry, divide bangs in the center and style to either side of your face. You won’t need a comb or brush – just style with your fingers. To fix them in place, apply a little gel or matt-finish wax. But go easy on the styling products: Curtain bangs look best when they fall loosely and randomly around the face.