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Midi-Hair: Great Looks for Mid-Length Hair

The styling elite is going mid-length! Hair in the midi-look is totally en vogue right now, and for good reason: The cool, trendy length looks just as fabulous with fine hair as it does with a thick mane. Who can wear it? Just about anyone! The all-round hairdo in our great styling check, and the best do-it-yourself looks

You think long hair is too boring but short hair too daring? No problem! Find a happy medium and you will be in good company! Everything from chin to clavicle length falls into the mid-length category. A large selection of hairdos, countless styles and styling possibilities: Straight or curly, refined or rocking, casual or luxurious... With this trendy cut, you truly have some aces up your sleeve that you can play in any hairstyling situation (on good as well as bad hair days).

Midi-hair is your new favourite length because... is not only super hip but also super practical! is highly versatile and absolutely suitable for everyday life! gives you a new look in next to no time and is also very easy to care for! does not have to be cut as often – pure sustainability! works well with thick as well as fine hair! looks great with just about any facial shape and every hair colour!

You don’t believe us? Visit our gallery for proof: Great looks for mid-length hair!

Gallery: Cool Looks for Midi-Hair