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In Style and Well-Loved – Clavi-Cut Hairstyles

Clavicle-length hair is all the rage this season. This can hardly be surprising. Medium-length hair is flattering and lends itself to countless styling variations. 'Clavi' is short for clavicle. We show some particularly appealing clavi-cut hairstyles for your inspiration

The clavi-cut hairstyle trend is here to stay. Since wearing medium-length hair has been quite common for a long time, women do not have to get used to a completely new hairstyle. The ease of styling and care as well as the versatility make the decision for this hairstyle even easier. We hope you will enjoy and be inspired by the clavi-cut hairstyles in our gallery.

Gallery: Clavi-Cut Hair

Clavi-Cut Hair
Today, clavicle-length or ‘clavi-cut’ hair is in fashion. Women love the flattering clavi-cut hairstyles.

Clavi-Cuts, Blunt-Cuts and Razor Bobs
Clavi-cuts, blunt haircuts, and razor bobs are all popular right now. The clavi-cut is clearly defined by the hair length (no longer than to the clavicles). The other two above mentioned haircuts are defined by the cutting techniques. The hair ends are cut so that they all end at the same level (blunt cut) or shaved to create trendy contours (razor bob).

How to Style Clavi-Cut Hair
There have always been times when the transitional hair length between short bob and long tresses did not get much attention in the fashion world. For the time being, this has definitely changed. Today, hair of medium-length with all its practical and creative variations is all the rage. The hair length easily lends itself to all kinds of hairstyles (sleek, messy, elegant, glamorous, sassy, demure or sporting). You can style clavi-cut hair with or without fringes or partings. Conveniently, the hair is still long enough for updos and semi-updos