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Braiding Short Hair: The Best Braids for Short Styles

Is short hair too tricky to braid? Not necessarily. Discover braided hairstyles that are totally suited to shorter hair – and easy to do

Romantic, casual or edgy: Braided styles are totally on-trend and offer a look for every mood. Celebrities, bloggers and beauty influencers are appearing everywhere sporting braids. With the flick of a wrist, braids give a look a certain something – and they don’t even have to be accurately and perfectly styled. Nope, and that’s the defining factor in the modern braids trend: This generation of braids has won our hearts with loose knots, wispy tendrils and soft styling! All you need is hair with a little grip. Help this along with some mousse or dry shampoo. Hair shouldn’t be freshly washed, either – this will make it too smooth and slippery to braid. After braiding, be sure to secure: Hair lacquer or spray will provide the finish and hold you need.

You'll be amazed what you can do with short hair! Check out our gallery to discover six braided styles for short hair which you can easily recreate.