Hair Styling | Blow-dry hairstyle

Big Hair on Top and in the Back of the Head for Everyone!

You see it again and again. The hair looks great up front but in the back the style falls flat. Such flat lack of appeal will be a thing of the past for you. Just apply the following top tips for creating that marvellous volume on top and in the back of your head

The back of your skull is perfectly formed and you call a perfect head of voluminous healthy hair your own. Stop reading here if this describes your skull and hair. On the other hand, your hair may be in the unruly habit of falling to both sides atop of your head, leaving a little more of your scalp visible than you would like to show. Read on if you are familiar with the latter scenario. A few styling tricks and the proper products will keep your hair in its proper place and your scalp safely out of sight.

Learn the Perfect Teasing Technique

Flat hair needs some help standing up to a great hair style. This is quickly done using a teasing comb. Teasing is even gentler using a special teasing brush with natural bristles. Always remember: Don’t go wild teasing the top layer of your hair. All this will do is creating an unkempt candy floss look. The results will be much better when you gather strands of the covering hair and tease the hair underneath the top strands in a controlled fashion. Use the slightest amount of hair spray before you comb the covering hair back in place. Again use a little hair spray or lacquer for the finished style to make sure your little trick remains invisible.

Giving Hair the Proper Turn

The back of your head will turn out great in no time if you style your hair using a round brush or large rollers with touch fasteners to softly provide the strands with some staying power. For more hold put a dab of mousse or blow-dryer tonic on the base of two or three strands of the hair on top of your head before rolling it up over a round brush or rollers. Now use your hair dryer on these strands for a few minutes blowing some warm air on the rolled up strands. Allow the rolled up hair to cool for five minutes and then carefully take the brush or rollers out. Allow another moment to cool the rolled up hair strands before brushing them without much force. Add some more hair spray to the roots of the hair strands if you like more hold.

Streaked Hair Strands Impress

Ask your hair stylist to streak a few fine strands of hair on top and in the back of your head. With the help of an adept friend you may also be able to achieve this at home. These streaks leave the hair slightly rough and therefore less likely to stick flat to your scalp. This creates the impression of fuller hair.

Working with Reality: Faking it Works

It is not easy to create the impression of a perfect shape and ample hair when there is little hair for the task. Hair pieces can give the impression of volume where the real hair is fine or sparse. For instance, volume can be created by weaving hair extensions into the existing hair. In this procedure, strands of real hair are attached to the existing hair. You may also venture into trying clip-in hair extensions. This involves attaching strands of real or artificial hair underneath the top layer of hair on top and in the back of your hair using a clip. This creates the ideal skull shape especially for pony tail hair styles. Such added hair pieces also give chin-long bob haircuts the perfect appearance in side view.

Haircuts and Proportions

Volume on top and in the back of the head is difficult to achieve when the hair is very long and therefore heavy. However, your hair stylist has plenty of tricks to use on short or shoulder-length hair, which can create the illusion of more volume on top and in the back of your head.

A stepped or graduated haircut is the best way to create an appealing volume of hair on top and in the back of the head. Clearly, shorter lighter hair falls with more volume. Shorter support hair also creates an impression of added volume. First rate hair stylists will cut this support layer underneath the covering layer of hair using scissors, which are especially designed for this purpose. A word of caution: This technique does not have the desired effect when used on thin hair.  Proportions also play a crucial role for shorter bob haircuts. A narrow sleek portion of hair around the neckline will emphasise the stylish effect of the more voluminous top hair layer.