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Creating Trendy New Hair Styles Using Your Blow-Dryer

The way you blow-dry your hair can make or break your styling success. We like to share with you the best blow-drying techniques for terrific styling that holds through the day until late at night

The commonly applied hair care routine involves shampooing, quick blow-drying and nothing else. Try using your blow-dryer as a valuable styling tool instead. Cleverly used, your blow-dryer can magically put volume and bounce into your hair.

The first blow-dryer was developed in 1899. It delivered a temperature of about 90 °C [194 °F] and did more harm than good. The word 'gentle' certainly did not apply to it. Many years of research changed this. Today's blow-dryer models are far gentler. Trial and error and a lot of tinkering now brought us the ionic blow-dryer. This newest type of hair dryer supplies negatively charged particles with the air stream. This prevents electrostatic charging and the associated fly-away hair after blow-drying. Instead, the hair shines and looks healthy. Still, no matter how advanced the modern hair dryers are you need to add some skills to their magic if you want to create a flawless hairdo in one of today's interesting styles.

Below, we share with you simple tricks, which turn your blow-dryer into a styling tool and your basic haircut into a trendy fashion statement. Our tips and tricks also prevent your hair from going limp right after you style it. All you need for these techniques is a blow-dryer, a round brush or paddle brush for a sleek style, and heat protectant spray to keep enough moisture in your hair.

Blow-drying Short Hair


Blow-drying short hair against the grain provides extra volume. You can increase this effect by working a walnut-sized amount of volumising mousse through your hair in addition to the heat protectant spray. Keep working the mousse through your hair during blow-drying. This gives your hair plenty of bounce. The following simple but effective styling trick keeps hair from going limp as the day progresses. If your hair tends to stick to your scalp a short while after styling you should warm strands of hair from the roots to the ends and use clips to hold the strands until the hair is cool. Then remove the clips carefully.

Blow-Drying Your Bob Haircut


Classical bobs look particularly appealing when the hair is silky smooth and shows a lot of volume. The hair ends should be softly turned under. You can easily achieve this by using a round brush. Apply heat protectant spray to your hair before partitioning the top hair into strands of equal size. Blow-dry every strand separately while slowly pulling it inward over the round brush from the roots to the ends. At the same time, you should blow-dry the strands from a 90-degree angle relative to the brush. Repeat this step if necessary. This method creates terrific volume AND inward turned hair ends. Use extra-gloss hair spray for the finishing touch and hold.

Blow-Drying Stepped Long Hair


Who would not love to have rich smooth long hair with extra lustre? Many women dream of such gorgeous mane. It actually does not take much work to come closer to this dream hair. Distribute styling mousse in your hair after shampooing. Partition your hair into several strands and spray the strands with heat protectant. Then blow-dry your hair while pulling the strands through a paddle brush. Put the brush next to the roots underneath the strand of hair and pull the entire strand inward through the brush. At the same time, blow-dry the brushed strand of hair from above holding the blow-dryer nozzle at a 90-degree angle. Now blow-dry the stepped side hair the same way while pulling it inward over a round brush. To create the classic look, simply use your fingers to pull your hair in place. Alternatively, hang your head upside down and shake your hair for the casual hippie version of this hair style.

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