Hair Styling | Banana updo

DIY Banana Updo Versions

Would you like to try the elegant banana updo versions shown by Reese Witherspoon and Adele? We show you how to style Reese Witherspoon’s twisted banana updo, which ends in a chignon. You may also like to try Adele’s partial banana updo with the voluminous upper extension

There is no reason to leave updos to styling experts because styling them is quite easy. To get you started on your own creative updos we show you how to style two banana updo versions. Simply follow our step-by-step instructions to create Reese Witherspoon’s and Adele’s glamorous updos.

Apply volumising mousse after the shampoo. Then blow-dry your hair and pull it over a round brush while hanging your head upside down.

How to Style the Reese Witherspoon’s Modified Banana Updo

1. To style the banana updo shown by Reese Witherspoon comb your side hair close to the scalp on one side and secure it with bobby pins in the back of your head.

2. Wrap the hair from the opposite side past the line of bobby pins. Do this by fixing up to one inch wide strands of hair at a time using more bobby pins. Start this in the nape of your neck working your way upward. This creates the segmented banana updo pattern.

3. Now twist the hair extending from the banana structure until it curls into a chignon and secure the chignon. A few small strands may be allowed to escape the banana-chignon updo.

4. Pull the fringes across your forehead. To keep the hair in place you may like to distribute some wax in the palms of your hand before stroking over the updo.

5. Finally, apply hairspray for extra hold.

Styling Directions for Adele’s Banana Updo Version

Easy Updos

Styling Adele’s updo is easier than it looks

1. Plenty of hair volume in the back of the head is required for this banana updo version. To create this volume lift up small strands of hair in the upper back of your head and tease it close to the roots.  

2. Apply hairspray before you carefully brush it into shape. You may want to hint at a parting.

3. Apply another dose of hairspray.

4. Comb back the hair close to the scalp on one side of the head and secure it well with bobby pins from the nape of the neck on upward to eye level.

5. Comb back the hair from the opposite side toward the middle of the back and fold it under to eye level to create the typical banana updo. Secure the banana with hidden bobby pins.

6. You may find it easier to use a thin scrunchy to create a ponytail on the opposite side of the head. Pull the scrunchy back to the midline of your head before folding the hair under.

7. Shape the teased top hair into a large wave and fold the ends under in the back of your head. Secure the wave on top of the banana shape using bobby pins.

8. Apply yet another generous portion of hairspray to give the hairdo the required hold.

In the video, Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach shows how to create a business-style banana updo, which nicely doubles as elegant evening hairdo.

Video: How to Style a Banana Updo