Woman with red hair color from the side view during a celebration
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Red hair: all set for the new trend tone?

The word “red” covers a huge range in the color spectrum, from warm, brownish red to vivid violet. The first step to coloring hair red used to be bleaching it. But thanks to technical innovation that’s no longer always necessary

True redheads are rare. In fact, only 1–2% of people in the world are natural redheads. Most women rely on coloring products to achieve their gorgeous shiny manes, and red is now a top favorite hair color. The fashion world is particularly fond of natural-looking, gleaming copper nuances because they look so natural, and red-blonde tones like strawberry blonde are currently very popular.

Protect the red shine

Hair that’s been colored red can only reach its full glorious trend potential when it’s really shiny and bright. So because each time you wash it, a little color is lost, it’s important to use special shampoos and conditioner to help retain the color intensity. And when you blow dry, always use heat protection products: blow drying roughens the cuticle layer, and your hair color can lose its brilliance.