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Creative Hair Color Trend: Mermaid Hair

Love colorful hair? Then mermaid hair is for you. Its shimmering pastel color gradients bring to mind magical mermaids under a turquoise sea. Here’s what to keep in mind when coloring, plus how to care for and style this trend

“When I grow up, I wanna be a mermaid!” Now you can live your girlhood dream with the new hair color trend: Mermaid hair. Even rainbow hair color devotees will be wowed by this look.

The colors of mermaid hair

This trend combines blue, the color of the sea, with other shades. For a harmonious result, match your mermaid blue base to other colors with blue tones. Try green and purple for a perfect mermaid blend.  

What makes mermaid hair special?

The dyeing technique! The different colors – from blue, to green, to purple – are applied with the “fluid hair painting” technique. This technique makes it possible to achieve soft, natural color gradients – without any ugly lines or harsh transitions. Even when hair is dry, the gradients appear fluid, hence the name.

How to get mermaid hair

Back view of a woman with wavy mermaid hair

Gorgeous mermaid colors are particularly dramatic blended with blond.

Anyone who dreams of mermaid hair needs two key things: bravery and patience. It takes a lot of work to achieve this pretty look! Tip: Since this dyeing technique is a complex process, for a perfect result you should go to a hairdresser.


  1. The starting point for mermaid hair is blond. Dark hair will need to be bleached in order to take on mermaid colors.
  2. Bleached hair is combed straight and placed strand by strand onto a flat surface.
  3. Your chosen mermaid colors are then painted alternately on the strands, so the color goes exactly where it should. Areas that should be bolder and brighter are painted with more color, other areas with less.
  4. The hair is wrapped in foil so that the individually painted strands do not touch during processing.
  5. Time’s up! The color is rinsed from the hair and treated with a color-protection product to ensure luminous color.

Care for your mermaid hair

Dyed hair needs intensive care as the coloration process causes stress to the hair structure. To maintain your mermaid shades for as long as possible, be sure to use shampoo and conditioner designed for color-treated hair. These seal in the color and will protect your mermaid locks from fading. Important: Shampoo using only lukewarm water and give your hair a break from your hair dryer, flat iron and curling iron!


In addition to conditioner, you should treat your mermaid hair once a week with a hair mask.  

The prettiest mermaid hair styling ideas

Back view of a woman with a pastel blue braid accessorized with a white bow.

Romantic, braided hairstyles perfectly complement mermaid hair.

Thanks to its special color effects, your mermaid hair will get noticed even when simply worn loose, without any special styling. But if you’re looking for high-impact mermaid glamor, try romantic styling. Braids, such as the mermaid braid or the waterfall braid, are perfect and double the trend factor.

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