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Hair Color Trend 2019: Maroon, Red Velvet, Dark Purple

This winter, we’re taking our hair-color inspiration from velvety red wine and hot roasted chestnuts. Intense colors such as velvety red, deep brown and dark purple are in style. We reveal how you can wear these gorgeous shades on your head now

Hair color trend 2019: Dark purple

Wow! This is an intense, exciting color. Anyone who has ever admired eggplants in the supermarket knows how shiny and fascinating this dark violet shade is. Dark purple is the hair color trend of 2019 and – never fear – it’s not just for the daring. The color can vary from beautiful bright purple to mystical dark black with purple nuances. Depending on the light, it shines with the most beautiful tones. Brunettes going for a strong eggplant tone – a lighter version of dark purple – may need to lighten their hair first. If you have blond hair, you can apply the color directly. The look is particularly beautiful with mother-of-pearl highlights. Glitz and glamor, guaranteed!


Not feeling quite so brave? Want to dip your toe in a little? Try a dark purple applied to the ends of your hair using the balayage technique. Pair the look with a lipstick which picks up the tone of the hair.

Hair color trend 2019: Maroon

Brunette hair will never go out of style – that much is true. But in 2019, hairstylists are embracing the color maroon. This color is also known as chestnut, and just like the chestnuts in nature, it’s a shade of strong, velvety brown with a soft red shimmer. This look is great for women with fair skin and freckles, as well as darker skin types. If you like your color a little bolder, you can simply incorporate more red pigments for a brilliant color result that is guaranteed to attract attention. This is a shade that looks best on long, thick hair, so that the color can really come into its own.

Hair color trend 2019: Red velvet

Everyone loves the classic American treat red velvet cake. What makes it special? Its strong, bright red hue – like a bold red wine. In 2019 we can wear that perfect red on our heads: Red velvet hair is one of the year’s biggest hair color trends. Red velvet is by no means a bright, loud red. As the name implies, it’s a dark, velvety, soft and very warm red. A professional colorist will be able to help you choose the perfect shade to make your hair shine in dreamy red.

Post-color care

Even if your hair was dyed by a professional and received some essential nourishing care in the salon, you also need to care for it at home. If you’ve lightened your hair, you’ve depleted some of its nutrients. To avoid a dry or dull appearance, you’ve got to put these nutrients back into your hair. Tip: Try leaving in an intensive treatment for several hours – or even overnight. Rinse thoroughly and see just how much shine your hair has regained. Before blow-drying or any exposure to heat styling, it’s also recommended that you use a heat protection spray for optimal protection.