Woman with purple hair
Hair Color | Hairstyle and hair color trends

Make it shine: We love flashy hair colors

Show your true colors. You like it colorful and love to color your hair? No matter if pink, purple, or rainbow - you are a real color queen. We show you the coolest hair colors. Let yourself be inspired.

Multicolor hair colors are currently THE eye-catcher at every festival and party. But you can also sport this brave look in your day-to-day. With a strong purple, red, and blue you can stand out and show who you are. Do you want a crazy hair color but do not know which one? We show you our favorites across the whole color palette. Find your inspiration which coolest hair color to pick right here.

We love purple: the cool yet romantic color

Purple is exactly your thing and you want to show it to the world? Then a purple hairstyle is the way to go for you. Depending on your mood you can wear it in a cool way with a denim or leather jacket or go for a more romantic look with a light white summer dress. Tip: To prolong your hair staying pretty and shiny, we recommend you use a special color shampoo.

Pretty in pink: the flamingo to lollipop color palette

From girly and sweet all the way to flashy: with pink you can create the colored look that perfectly matches your personality. A strong pink will sparkle in the sun as well as lighten the mood on a gloomy day. If you are feeling extra brave, you can combine this flashy hair color with colorful tops. Or you can go ‘all black’ and let your unique hair color set the tone. If you have dark hair, we recommend you bleach it first. That way you ensure that you have the best possible color outcome in the end. If you need more help, give our Schwarzkopf Professional Salon Finder a try.

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Candy color for your hair

Turquoise and aqua: this is how you turn into a hair mermaid

Woman with blue-green hair and yellow blouse

Make it shine with all colors of the ocean

Your hair shines in beautiful blue and green hues like the ocean. This color palette allows you to get creative and let your imagination to run wild.


You can create a magical look and turn into a real-life mermaid.


For a special something, you can also dye dark blue streaks in your light blue or turquoise hair. Different-colored hair ends are also a current trend. How about a Balayage look from turquoise to dark blue?

Become a color artist with multicolor hairstyles

Woman with colorful hair

You want it all? Then the multicolor rainbow look is for you

Why choose just one color? You want them all at once. With a statement style in two strong hair colors, you can show how creative you are. And, essentially, design your own color look.


No matter if Pillar Box Red, Shocking Pink, Purple Punk, Turquoise Temptation, or Pastel Sea Mermaid. You pick your favorite.


Extra brave ones try this style in multicolor and mix blue with purple. No matter what you choose: you color your hair the way you like it. No matter if it is bold or pastel - it is your look.