Hair color trends for fall and winter
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Hair color trends for fall and winter

We’ve gone searching for hair color trends for this fall/winter season. Our finds: Blond, copper – and a touch of pastel! We reveal more about these colors and who they suit best

The favorite colors of this fall and winter are light, cool and multifaceted! The motto? Simple and natural – although nuances such as platinum blond and pastel are anything but inconspicuous.

Hair color trend for fall and winter: Platinum

Hair color trends for fall and winter

Let there be light! The platinum blond trend returns.

Platinum blond has been a recurring trend in recent years. This fall, the bright hair color once again celebrates a comeback. This silvery, shimmering, moonlight white can brighten the gloomiest fall mood and throw new light on your look.

Numerous starlets have recently rediscovered this trend for themselves.

To prevent your platinum look appearing artificial, keep your outfit (ideally in modern black and white) and make-up (in natural nude) muted.

Tip: Hairstyles with clean lines underline the minimalistic character of this almost-white hue.

Hair color trend for fall and winter: Pastel nuances

Hair color trends for fall and winter

Pastel tones are especially flattering on platinum blonds.

Pastel-colored highlights suit women with blond hair best. They can lend a look a unique touch and a fresh kick. Tip: Pastel tones look particularly stylish when used in an ombré effect. Currently in demand are lavender and pink nuances.

Styling with pastel hair should be low key: opt for less make up and subtle colors from your wardrobe. Tip: An ideal style for pastel hair is the classic French braid: the plaited structure makes the color stand out beautifully.

Hair color trend for fall and winter: Copper tones

Hair color trends for fall and winter

Red hair? It’s hot!

Red shades are also currently in high demand. Cool and powdery copper tones are particularly popular, turning this fall/winter season into a hip color spectacle.

Redheads embody spirit, sensuality and determination, which perfectly aligns with another current seasonal trend: The 70s look!

Tip: From soft layers to wild curls – redheads can wear any style.


If you are unsure which hair color trend will best suit you this fall/winter, let a Schwarzkopf Professional hairdresser advise you. Find one near you using our Salon Finder.