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Hair Color Trend for Spring and Summer: Pastel Hair

The pastel hair color trend brings spring and summer … to our heads! Few nuances are more cheerful. We explain how the pastel look is colored, and for those who are not ready to go pastel permanently, we present temporary color alternatives

Cotton candy colors, subtle macaron nuances and unobtrusive sherbet shades: Pastel tones are not just found in wardrobes this spring and summer – these fresh shades are now also found on stylish heads. Whether as highlights, or global colors – pastel is one of our favorite hair color trends in 2018!

Why we love pastel

Quiet tones: These nuances are like a light veil over the hair. The beauty of this hair color trend lies in its subtle extravagance. The color is extraordinary, yet unobtrusive and suitable for every day– even a day at the office.

Pastel tones can be colored into naturally light blond and dyed blond hair: That’s when these soft nuances come into their own. With a home coloring kit, you can easily try this new trend yourself. Tip: Check the packaging to see if the pastel tone is suitable for you. If necessary, consult your hairdresser.

Tips and tricks for coloring pastel hair

If you want to dye your hair a trendy pastel shade at home, you need only a home color kit and the right base color, i.e. naturally blond or already lightened hair. Results will be best on light or medium blonde hair. If you have dark hair, it is best to talk to a hairdresser about how to pre-lighten your hair most gently.

Pastel peach nuances emphasize darker skin tones. Subtle rosé gives a feminine, romantic look and goes wonderfully with very light skin types. Pale purple creates a cool and confident look.

Important for at-home coloring: Follow the enclosed instructions step by step. Tip: Give your hair some intensive care before and after coloring. Apply a nourishing mask once or twice a week and give it time to penetrate the hair.

Not ready for an overall pastel look? How about coloring just a part of it? Try pastel highlights. Coloring highlighted hair pastel will give you the freshest highlights on the block. You’ll achieve the most beautiful pastel highlighted accents in light or medium blond hair.

Just a quickie: pastel hair until the next shampoo

Woman with pastel hair and sunglasses

Pastel hair is perfect for fashionistas.

Spring and summer also means festival time. Want festival-ready hair, but without the commitment? For those who are spontaneously in the mood for a small, colorful change, semi-permanent hair colors in pastels are great! The best thing about these: They are easy to apply and only last until your next shampoo. Perfect for this and very easy to use are special color sprays or hair crayons. The latter are great for creating temporary highlights.