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Three new brunette shades – and how to color them

Chestnut, caramel and hazelnut: These are the newest beautiful brunette shades, best worn multi-dimensionally. We explain all, including who can wear the look, and how to get it

The newest trend shades of brunette read like a hit list of our favorite snacks: Chestnuts, caramel and hazelnut. Many women covet bold, shiny brunette hair. And rightly so! Shades of brown are once again high on the list of trend hair colors for winter. And anyone already blessed with brunette hair can still give their color an upgrade in nuance and shine.

Trend color: Chestnut brown

Light skin, delicate freckles, and long, thick hair. Sound like you? Then chestnut is your shade. Unlike a normal brunette, chestnut has a slight red shimmer. This nuance is very delicate and can only be recognized in certain light. To get a rich chestnut brown, it's best to turn to a pro: A colorist can select the right undertone to create a multi-dimensional look. In addition to the brunette shade, beautiful red and shine pigments can also be incorporated. Your hair will glow! Tip: Accent your eyes with shimmering shades of brown, beige or orange.

Trend color: Caramel

Unlike chestnut, the (delicious) trend hair color caramel has no red nuances, but a warm golden undertone: Just like our beloved caramel. This shade of brunette is kept light, almost like after a vacation, when skin and hair have a sun-kissed glow.


Your colorist will first lighten your hair (depending on your natural shade) and then apply the soft, flattering brown. To create a perfect look, they’ll include gold pigments as highlights. This will lend the right amount of shimmer and make the tone change depending on the light. Of course, your complexion has to shine, just like your sun-kissed hair. Those who have a slightly darker complexion will absolutely love caramel brown. Tip: Bronzer and highlighter are all you need: The “no make-up” look perfectly completes this trend.

Trend color: Hazelnut

It sometimes feels like there are as many shades of brunette as there are stars in the sky! Hazelnut brown is not only a classic, but also totally modern. It’s extremely popular with colorists, because it works for almost every woman. Whether you’re fair or dark skinned, the soft brown brings out the best in everyone. Hazelnut features both golden and blond undertones. Anyone who chooses this look should definitely opt for a multi-dimensional version – otherwise the color can look boring. A professional hair colorist knows exactly how to attune the shade perfectly to your skin tone. They’ll color the base tone, then – depending on your skin tone and eye color – work in lighter, golden or almost-reddish blond highlights. Hazelnut brown is ideal for those with blue eyes, providing a perfect contrast to the cool, mystical tone of the eyes. Make up tip: Lips should be kept neutral – try a nude gloss to compliment your skin color.