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How To Protect Your Hair While Styling

We all love curling irons, hair dryers and flat irons, but we also love our hair – and these styling adventures cause our hair stress. It’s important to prevent hair damage. Here are some of the things you can do to protect your hair

Like to switch up your style and try new hair trends? Then your hair probably comes into regular contact with your curling iron, flat iron or hair dryer. But it’s OK – as long as you’re protecting your hair from damage. There are many ways you can protect your hair before, during and after styling. The right products will even make everyday styling easier and add shine. With the right tips, tools and good heat protection, you can embark on any styling adventure you please. Here’s what you need to do.

Protect your hair: Before styling

Choose warm water over hot water. Think: A lukewarm, gentle cycle for your hair – just like your most delicate garments. Rinse with cold water to close the cuticle layer and smooth the hair surface – with the added advantage of protecting your scalp. Post-washing, pre-styling, most people comb their wet hair. The problem? Wet hair breaks easily. The solution: When washing your hair, use a conditioner to make combing easier afterwards. You can also try a combing spray to help gently untangle damp hair while nourishing it and giving it natural shine. Tip: Spray towel-dried hair after washing, then comb and style as usual.

Protect your hair: During styling

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Use heat protection to ensure hair stays healthy and shiny.

When blow drying, a good heat protection product is essential. If you have enough time, you should blow dry your hair gently – on the lowest heat and fan levels. A blow-drying spray will also help hair dry faster. A heat protection lotion or spray will protect your hair from temperatures up to around 430°F. Some heat protection products can do even more: They can nourish, add hold, reduce frizz and protect from UV rays. Tip: Prior to styling, generously spray heat protection product into hair from about 8 to 10 inches away. If you often straighten your hair or use a curling iron, invest in a high-quality styling tool. This should have a precise temperature control and ceramic coating to evenly distribute heat. If you have a tendency towards dry hair, a flat iron with ionic technology is for you. When straightening, negatively charged ions surround the hair, forming an additional protective shield. Important to know: Fine hair will tolerate heat less than curls and thicker hair.

Protect your hair: After styling

Hairspray not only sets a finished hairstyle, it also forms a kind of barrier between your hair and the environment, as it wraps around the individual strands and acts as a protective layer. Some hairsprays have the added benefit of providing hair with specialized protection from environmental stressors, such as wind, moisture, UV rays and environmental pollution.

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