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Preventing Static Hair In Winter

Winter’s almost here! This means copious mugs of hot chocolate, crackling fireplaces, catching snowflakes on your tongue and…static hair? Sadly, this is something we often have to contend with during the colder months. There’s nothing worse than getting ready to head out, pulling your cozy new sweater over your hair, and then being left with locks looking like you’ve just touched a plasma ball. In order to be able to control your static hair and keep it frizz-free, it might help to understand why it’s happening in the first place. We’ve got the answers.

Woman with static-free hair tied in a topknot, wearing gray sweater
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How amazing would it be to not have to worry about hat hair and static?

Why is my hair static?

In short, static electricity happens when two different objects rub against each other and cause an electric charge to build up. The same thing happens with your hair when you wear a hat – the fibers from the hat rub against your hair strands, resulting in an electric charge. This makes the strands of your hair repel each other, leaving your hair frizzy and harder to style.

If there is humidity in the air, the charge usually goes away, but since the air in winter isn’t exactly known for its moisture, the static is a lot worse in the colder months. Then pair that with tugging your hat on and off several times a day, or pulling your sweater over your head, and this only exacerbates the problem.

Woman with sleek brunette hair, black winter coat, and red turtleneck sweater
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Turtleneck sweater AND static-free hair? It can be done!

How to prevent static hair

Say goodbye to static and frizzy locks this winter by following these five tips:

Switch to moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

By keeping your hair moisturized, it’s well protected against the dry winter air trying to wreak frizz and static on it. Your best bet is to buy shampoo and conditioner that cater to dry hair since the formula is packed full of moisture and nourishment. While we’re on the topic of shampooing, it’s best to wash your locks as infrequently as possible. This is because washing your hair too often can strip your locks of their natural oils, therefore drying them out.

Add hair oil to your routine

If your hair’s dehydrated, it’s more likely to build up an electric charge and become static and full of flyaways. Your shampoo and conditioner may already be enriching your hair with moisture, but why not supplement these products with hair oil? Simple dissolve a small amount in the palm of your hands and then run your fingers through your hair to eliminate any static. Place the bottle in your purse so you can apply some on the go.

Use hairspray to smooth down static

Hairspray is a great contender in the fight against frizz and static. Simply spray a comb with hairspray and comb from root to tip to smooth down any out-of-place strands. Using a comb ensures that the hairspray is distributed evenly so you don’t end up with any hard parts where too much has accumulated. Taft Hello Winter Anti-Static Hairspray has been especially created for banishing the dreaded static caused by your favorite sweater or bobble hat. With different levels of hold, this hairspray promises to hold your hairstyle perfectly in place as well as keeping any pesky flyaways slicked down.

Avoid plastic combs

Plastic is definitely a no-no if you’re trying to prevent static in your hair. Your best bet is to use a wooden comb or a boar bristle brush as these materials are less likely to cause flyaways. Although metal combs are also ok to use, it isn’t recommended as they aren’t so gentle and can cause damage to your hair.

Add a deep conditioning treatment

If your hair still feels a bit dry despite using shampoo, conditioner, and oil, it could be that it needs even more TLC once in a while. Applying a deep conditioning hair mask or treatment once a week will nourish your locks and keep them moisturized. Your hair will be shiny and glossy in no time.