A dark-haired young woman wearing statement earrings with loose hair showing signs of frizz
Hair Care | Frizzy hair

Got a Problem with Frizz? Tame Your Hair with These Tricks

Winter is high season for frizz. Dry, centrally heated air and icy winds encourage flyaways and frizz. If the humidity outside is high to boot, your head may transform into the ultimate frizzball. Don’t worry! We'll tell you how you can rid yourself of this styling saboteur once and for all, and which anti-frizz helpers will tame your hair

Your hair won’t fall into place, is refusing to be tamed and resisting all styling… and frizz is to blame! When your hair can’t store enough moisture, its surface roughens. Hair becomes dry and rough, and frizzy strands form that break free from every ‘do. But help is on its way! Anti-frizz products are designed to combat exactly these causes. They provide the hair with moisture, fill porous areas and protect hair against drying out. At the same time, they prevent hair from statically charging and sticking out.

To combat frizz, various products are available. Your first option is an anti-frizz shampoo. These usually contain oils that wrap around the hair like a protective coat, sealing the cuticle. Anti-frizz conditioners repair damaged areas with proteins. Unruly hair which tends to frizz needs extra care once or twice a week in the form of an intensive treatment: This will nourish the hair and treat areas of structural damage to the hair surface, as well as inside the hair cell. Result: Your hair is relaxed, smoother and shinier.

The golden rule: When caring for frizzy hair, more is more. The different products from anti-frizz care lines are coordinated to complement each other. The regular use of anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner together will eliminate the causes of your frizz in the long term. 

Anti-frizz styling

Styling should also take into account the specific needs of the affected hair. So that the hair does not dry out immediately when blow-drying, an anti-frizz lotion or an anti-frizz serum is recommended. Both protect the hair from moisture loss and support natural smoothing.

If you use a flat iron or curling iron when styling, you should always use a heat protection spray. Apply this evenly to dry hair before using your hair straightener or heated curler. Distributed through damp hair, it also protects against hair dryer heat and prevents a frizz effect.

Using hairspray with an anti-frizz effect to finish will seal your style: It provides protection against wind, UV rays and humidity, thus preventing the reappearance of frizz.