Language Configuration

Basic Configuration

Property Value
Country Selector Link Text International
Footer Link Prefix
Footer Link Text
Footer Link URL
Footer Copyright
Alternate Logo for Navigation
Alternate Logo for Navigation URL
Alternate Logo Linktype
Adobe Target
Adobe Target Mode

Cookie Note

Disclaimer Text:
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Policy Page Link Text:
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Cookie acceptance mode:
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Cookie Placeholder text:
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Gigya Configuration

User menu

Property Value
User menu profile label
User profile page path
User menu login label
User login page path

User menu dropdown items

Title Path

Nyris Configuration

Property Value
Api Key
Enable Nyris
Enable in Header
Enable Widget

Promotion Pop-up Configuration

Button Label:

Configure ONLY Internal or External link

Internal Link:

External Link:

Enable the pop-up component: false

Sign up promotion Pop-up Configuration

Headline :-

Subline :-

Privacy Policy Text :-

Email address text :-

Error message text :-

Error meesage for email :-

Error Message For User Exist :-

Error Message When Server Can't Complete Response :-

Submit button text :-

Thank you title :-

Thank you subtitle :-

Mobile Image :-

Desktop Image :-

Enable promotion pop up :- false

Live Chat Configuration

Enable the live chat component: false

ChatBot Configuration

Enable the ChatBot component: false

Note: ChatBot currently only available in RU language.