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Trendy Looks 2017

Men Can Wear These New Hair Styles

Finally, the ‘oh-well-this-will-have-to-do’ times are over and gone for men’s hair styles. We are glad. Styling is not only for women any more. Men also do more than just towel their hair dry. Look at our gallery of the trendiest men’s hair styles. They are as wearable as they are easy to care for. This leaves time for the important things in life.

  • Clipper Cut – Reach for the Shearer!

    Clipper Cut – Reach for the Shearer!

    Scissors aren't everything: hair stylists also like using hair clippers for short cuts. They shorten the hair evenly and precisely. Find out what else the shearer can do, and when and for whom the clipper cut is the best choice

    Clip Art
  • Hairstyles for Men

    Hairstyles for Men

    Milan's fashion event Milano Moda Uomo provides a look ahead at upcoming trends in men's fashion. An essential part of the shows: trends for men's hair! Short or long, relaxed or accurate – the hairstyles from Italy's fashion metropolis are absolutely trendsetting. We show you where the journey goes

    Ciao Bello!
  • Streetstyle Hair Trends for Men

    Streetstyle Hair Trends for Men

    Hairstyle to watch: Long, short, gelled in the chic look or totally casual – what are cool streetstyle stars wearing on their heads? We present the trends for 2016 and the most popular men’s hairstyles of the season. Hair is going hip!

    Hairstyle sighted
  • 2016 hairstyles for men

    2016 Hairstyles For Men

    One man, many possibilities. Men have all kinds of freedom for styling their hair in the coming year! Short or long, bold, modern or natural – the haircuts of tomorrow do it all, except for adhering to dusty old styling conventions. We reveal the trendy hairstyle versions for 2016

    Brand new man
  • Undercut – the in-cut for men

    Undercut – The In-Cut for Men

    Masculine, striking and very trendy: The undercut is asserting itself as the favourite hairstyle for men. What makes the trend look? Hair trimmed short but left longer on the crown. Here we present three entirely new versions of the fashionable haircut for men

    Man’s Business!
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