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Hair Colour Voting: Hot Red or Cool Brown?

Hair Colour Red
Every now and then, natural redhead Bryce Dallas Howard likes changing her hair colour. Here we show the actress first with red and then with cool brown hair
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How often do you consult with your friends or the mirror on a change of hair colour? Wearing a different hair colour definitely changes a woman’s look and style. Actress Bryce Dallas Howard coloured her naturally red hair to a cool brown. Does her natural or the cool brown hair colour do more for her appearance? Please vote to share your opinion with us

  • Actress, Golden Globe nominee, and director Bryce Dallas Howard is the daughter of movie producer Ron Howard. However, she made her own way to success in the movie industry. She is best known for her break-through roles in 'Twilight', 'The Village', and 'Spiderman 3'.

    Aside from attracting attention for her talent and training in the theatre arts, the young actress is also noticed for her red hair and occasional hair colour changes.

    Bryce Dallas Howard’s hair is naturally red. She keeps making the most of the exceptional and extraordinary beautiful hair colour. Diligently, she plays up its beauty through the addition of streaks or other colour accents in all shades and tints of red. The actress likes to experiment with strawberry red colour accents. For a while, she opted for a distinct haircut and coloured her asymmetric bob brown.

    Does the red or the brown hair flatter Bryce Dallas Howard more? We like to know what you think and appreciate your participation in the hair colour voting.