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Trendy Looks 2017
  • Hair Colour Red

    Hair Colour Voting: Hot Red or Cool Brown?

    Do you sometimes wonder how you would look wearing a completely different hair colour? This is probably what actress Bryce Dallas Howard did when she coloured her naturally red hair brown. Please vote for the hair colour, which suits Bryce Dallas Howard best

    Personal Hair Colour Choices
  • Meet the New Blondes: Emma Roberts and Demi Lovato

    Who Fares Best as a New Blonde?

    Emma Roberts and Demi Lovato changed their hair colour to blonde. The beautiful women are certainly not hard to look at wearing any hair colour but now the looks will definitely linger even longer due to the brilliant blonde hair colour. Have you decided on your favourite new blonde yet?

    Dual of the New Blondes
  • Undercut

    Carrying Off the Undercut

    The undercut makes a statement. However, it looks rebellious only on first sight. Have a look at Cassie Ventura and Amelle Berrabah and recognize how fabulously elegant the trendy hairstyle can look! Who carries off the undercut better, Cassie or Amelle? You decide! Please vote for your favourite

    The Undercut: 1 Hairstyle, 2 Stars
  • Hait Style Voting: Boy Cuts

    Hair Style Voting: Boy Cuts

    Model Agyness Deyn and Singer Robyn are as exceptional as their platinum blonde boy cuts, a.k.a. Eton/Girtin crops or page boys. Who is the better ambassador for boy cuts?

    The Duelling Boy Cuts
  • Cameron Diaz

    Hair Style Voting: Blonde Curls

    Both stars have earned their prominent status in Hollywood’s big league. What we want to know is this: Who wears the blonde curls better, Hilary Swank or Cameron Diaz?

    Alluring Blondes
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