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Jessie J's Long Two-Tone Hair

Jessie J with Two-Tone Hair
Jessie J looks cool with her two-tone hair. The colour difference between dark brown and golden blonde is steep
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Whether or not you like her music, you have to admire Jessie J’s style. She is born for show business! The British singer and song writer catches the eye both at gala events and in music videos. Her charisma and style certainly help her career. One of her best looks includes long dark brown hair, which changes to golden blonde halfway toward the ends. The long full fringes may be the dominant feature of her hairstyle. See our hair tutorial if you like to try the two-tone Cleopatra look

  • Jessie J
    Jessie J wearing a sleek ponytail. At the time, her hair was still dark from the roots to the ends
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    Jessie J is the stage name of the British singer and song writer Jessica Ellen Cornish. The young singer certainly adds glamour and style to the music scene and wherever the young woman appears. She represents today’s cool style in every setting. She used to work in the background writing songs for Chris Brown and Miley Cirus. Luckily for us, she came out of hiding in 2011 and showed her unique spark in her first album. The camera is certainly her friend.

    Since March of last year, she shares her experience with young talents as a jury member and mentor in the BBC casting show The Voice UK. She appears in the show side-by-side with platinum record producer and artist (Black Eyed Peas) and pop legend Tom Jones. Young talents will certainly emulate her style – and so will quite a few young women in Great Britain and elsewhere.

  • Jessie J’s Two-Tone Hairstyle

    Jessie J changed her hairstyle when she took on her new role as jury member of The Voice UK. The long two-tone hair with the long full fringes is certainly a cool look for Jessie who was born in Chadwell Heath, London. "Look, I’m blonde", Jessie exclaimed on twitter when she introduced her newest hairstyle.

    Jessie J’s dark blonde hair was dipped into golden blonde hair dye from chin-level down. On second look, we noticed another pronounced contrast of colour and shape. The top part of her hairstyle appears dark, austere and angular while the golden blonde lower part of her hair flows in soft casual waves.

    Would you like to adopt Jessie J’s smooth two-tone hairstyle with long straight fringes? We show you how to create the hairstyle.

  • Tools for Styling Jessie J’s Two-Tone Hairstyle:

    Straightening shampoo or conditioner, a flat iron, a paddle brush, heat protectant spray, hair wax, and extra-gloss hair gel

  • Styling Jessie J’s Two-Tone Hairstyle:

    1. Dark hair must be bleached before it can be dyed blonde. That means you would have to bleach your hair from chin-level to the ends. To keep the preparations simple and easy on your hair you may decide to dye your hair ends darker instead of lighter than your top hair.

    2. Straightening shampoo or conditioner helps to keep hair smooth, straight, and shiny.

    3. After shampooing your hair, blow-dry it while pulling it through a paddle brush. Then straighten your hair (including the fringes) once more using a flat iron.

    4. Apply heat protectant before you use a curling iron to create soft waves in the lower half of your hair.

    5. Spread hair wax on your fingers and use them to accentuate individual waves.

    6. To keep your hair straight and create more lustre you may like to apply some extra-gloss hair gel to the fringes and the smooth part of your hair.