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Noelia López: Faux Bob – Mock Undercut Combination

Mock Undercut – Faux Bob Combination
Model Noelia López
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Did Noelia López cut her hair razor-short on one side and combine this style with a chin-long bob? Isn’t she the woman with long flowing hair? She still is that woman! The change is temporary. Both the undercut and the bob are a skilful optical illusion. If you feel like trying a wild and different hairstyle for a change we tell you in our hair tutorial how to create the mock undercut/faux bob combination

  • In 2007, Noelia López won the title ‘Next Spanish Top Model’ in a show similar to the reality TV shows ‘Britain’s and Ireland’s Next Top Model’ and ‘America’s Next Top Model’. In the same year, the model signed a contract with the famous Alain Afflelou Agency in Paris. Her career took off with fashion shootings, features, fashion week appearances and the honour of representing Spain at the ‘Elite Model Look of the Year’ event. Today, Noelia is in high demand as internationally admired model. She models the fashions of top designers like Sara Coleman, Rapido, Diane von Furstenberg and Guillermina Baeza.

    As a much thought-after model, Noelia López can hardly afford to cut off her gorgeous hair. For several reasons, this is true for most women. However, do not let this dampen your adventurous spirit. Trendy mock hairstyle elements provide a way to play with hairstyles like undercuts and bobs. We show you how to create the optical illusion of wearing a combination of undercut and bob. For playful home stylists, two trendy hairstyle elements are better than one!

  • Tools to Style the Noelia López Mock Undercut

    Only a styling comb, bobby pins, gel, hair spray and volumising powder are required to style Noelia’s 2-in-1 hairdo.

  • Styling Noelia López’ Mock Undercut Bob

    No professional skills are required to style the Noelia López undercut. It is a do-it-yourself hairstyle. The styling is done in only a few steps.

  • Noelia López
    At home, model Noelia López likes to wear cool hairstyles. Trendy mock undercuts are just her style. Here you see her combine the mock undercut with long flowing hair
    © Getty Images

    1. Create a low side parting using the styling comb. A trace of hair wax helps to keep fly-away in place.

    2. The hair on Noelia López’ right side is combed back tightly and additionally straightened with the help of hair gel. This side hair is then secured in the back of the head using bobby pins.

    3. Apply some volumising powder to the other side of the hair line to provide the hair with the required volume.

    4. Use a flat iron or curlers to style the hair over the forehead into a large side-swept wave. This soft wave adds to the glamour and femininity of this hairstyle.

    5. Now gather the hair opposite to the sleeked back side hair to a loose ponytail and fold it under to an inside loop. The end of the loop needs to be secured with bobby pins.

    6. Finally, apply plenty of strong or extra-hold hairspray.

    In his video, professional hair stylist Armin Morbach demonstrates how to style short hair into a mock undercut.

  • Video: How to Style a Mock Undercut