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Braided Hairdo Instructions: The Double Hair Crown

Braided hairdo instructions: The double hair crown
The queen of hair styling: Ciara wears the braided hair crown in the double pack
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Braided hairdos are in high demand! Also among the stars. And the crown braid is leading the field. Singer Ciara wears it too – and takes the classic crown to the next level: She doubles it up and wears it in the popular messy look. You too can become a braiding queen:

You are a fan of braided hairdos, but do not want to look too girlish? You love updos, but not overly elegant? We have the solution: Choose Ciara’s hair crown. The singer skilfully combines both styles in her hairdo. With the combination of French and herringbone braids, the hairdo appears mature while the undone look with pinned-up hair adds a youthful touch. Exactly the right mix for posh events, yet cool enough for everyday wear. An eye-catcher immediately enthroned at the very top of our wish list.

  • The Double Hair Crown: Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Braided hairdo instructions: The double hair crown
    Doubled up is better...and also looks twice as good! Ciara with double braided crown
    © Getty Images

    Stylish to the second power: Not only the mix of two styles makes Ciara’s hairdo a hair highlight, the crown braid is doubled up as well. Naturally that intensifies the wow effect. Anybody can do one braid, but you want the full program? We show you how to style Ciara’s double crown braid:

    What you need: Long hair (natural and reinforced with clip-in extensions), mousse, two thin hair elastics, hair clips, hair pins and hair spray

  • How it’s done:

    1. For the required grip, distribute a tennis ball sized amount of mousse in towel-dried hair and then blow dry it fully.

    2. Form a centre parting and, starting at the hairline, pull out a strand two fingers wide from the front section of hair respectively on the left and right.

    3. Divide the rest of your hair into two strands of the same size and pin them aside for the time being.

    4. Now braid the two front sections of hair flat, from the hairline to the ends, and tie off each braid with a thin hair elastic. Most beautiful: A mix of French and herringbone braiding.

    5. Now take the two sections at the rear, make them into two braids as well and tie each of them off with a hair elastic.

    6. Next you need a bit of flair: Take the left braid at the back and lay it around the head to the right like a hair band, parallel to the braided hairline, and attach it on the top of the head with hair pins.

    7. Now take the right braid at the back and lay it around the head to the left, also securing it with hair pins.

    8. Finally the two braided strands at the front are laid along the sides to the back of the neck and pinned in place.

    9. For the modern undone look, simply pluck out a few strands.

    10. Secure with a good portion of hairspray and you are done!

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    Our step-by-step video tutorial shows you how to style the braided hairdo.

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