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Tutorial: Amy Adams' Finger Waves

At the 2013 Golden Globes Awards, Amy Adams turned heads with her casual finger wave and chignon hairstyle. The low side-chignon and the long strand of wavy hair falling across her forehead give this feminine hairstyle the relaxed modern flair
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We can not take our eyes off Amy Adams and her enchanting finger wave hairstyle. Her hairstyle features a soft version of the classic side-chignon with a long strand of wavy hair casually falling across her forehead and alongside her face. Read on to learn how you can style this modern finger wave hairstyle

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    Redhead Amy Adams with soft side-swept waves
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    Actress Amy Adams is in high demand these days in Hollywood. According to Forbes, she is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. She was repeatedly nominated for Golden Globes and Oscar awards (last as best supporting actress in ‘The Master’) and she starred side by side with famous movie stars like Christina Ricci, Leonardo DiCaprio and Joaquin Phoenix. Aside from being on top of her art, this redhead also has style!

    In private, Amy Adams prefers softly falling wavy hair or a high ponytail. At the Golden Globes Awards, she sparkled with a slightly more sophisticated but still soft, feminine look. Her romantic finger wave hairstyle hit a modern romantic note with the softly styled side-chignon and the long strand of hair falling across her forehead and alongside her face. In our styling instructions, we show how to style the casual finger waves, which look so enchanting in combination with the undone side-chignon.

  • Styling Tools for Creating Finger Waves for the Amy Adams Look:

    Mousse, comb, bobby pins, wave or hair clips, extra-gloss hairspray, scrunchy, hairspray

  • Hair Tutorial: Amy Adams' Casual Chignon with Finger Waves

    1. Start by working mousse through your freshly shampooed hair. Then comb your hair and create a side parting, which slants toward the crown of your head.

    2. Apply extra-gloss hairspray to your hair from the roots to the hair ends. This will give your hair intense lustre.

    3. Start creating finger waves at eyebrow level:

    Comb an about 2-inch wide strand of hair toward your face.

    Place a large hair clip where the first finger wave should emerge.

    Now push the hair upward toward this hair clip until it forms the typical finger wave. The finger waves are relatively large for the Amy Adams look.

    Use a wave or hair clip to secure the newly formed finger wave.

    Keep forming more finger waves throughout your hair from the scalp to the ends of your hair.

    Use hairspray to secure the finger waves and blow-dry your hair before you remove the wave clips or hair clips.

    4. The chignon is created last. Use a scrunchy to gather your hair low in the neck and toward the side opposite the parting.

    Loosely twist the ponytail hair into a chignon and secure it using bobby pins. Gold-coloured bobby pins are suitable for Amy’s reddish hair. Darker hair requires brown or black bobby pins.

    Slightly pull the chignon apart to create the modern casual look.

    5. Secure the hair behind the ear and underneath the side parting with two parallel bobby pins.

    6. On the opposite side, loosen a strand of hair and allow it to fall across your forehead and alongside your face.

    7. Apply some extra-gloss hairspray for a finishing touch.