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Amber Heard’s Quick and Easy Hairstyle

Creating Amber Heard's Hairstyle
A playful braid perks up Amber Heard’s long side-swept waves
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Amber Heard’s hairstyles almost always hold an intriguing or surprising element to add interest and focus. These elements give her hairstyles a personal note. Would you like to make her side-swept hairstyle your own? We show how to create this hairstyle with the eye-catching braid element

  • In her career, actress and model Amber Heard played roles in movies starring Nicolas Cage, Harrison Ford, and Johnny Depp. Amber Heard made her movie debut in the well-known sports drama 'Friday Night Lights'. She also appeared in episodes of the US TV series Californication. The young woman from Texas is certainly a feast for the eyes. Like so many young women today, she made her entry as movie actress via her modelling career.

    Nowadays, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are considered an item. The two actors met each other in 2012 on the movie set of The Rum Diary. Early in 2014, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp announced their engagement. Prior to her engagement, her partner was the photographer Tasya van Ree.

  • Amber Heard’s Hairstyles

  • Creating Amber Heard's Hairstyle
    Amber Heard wearing a chignon, a quiff or a braided updo (from left to right)
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    Amber Heard likes to draw attention to her long blonde hair to play up her feminity. The side-swept version with braid is particularly alluring. The actress in Amber Heard enjoys expressing different styles and attitudes. She is adept at styling updos to create hairstyles ranging from elegant to playful. Her favourite hairstyles involve big hair and teasing her hair into a big quiff.  

    In 2014, Amber Heard attended the opening of Two Days, One Night (a movie by Luc Dardenne starring Marion Cotillard) wearing her side-swept long hair with braid element in feminine and alluring style. Her hairstyle held the attention of the other female and male guests at the Cannes Film Festival. We show you how to create this hairstyle.

  • Required tools for creating the side-swept hairstyle made popular by Amber Heard:

    Volumising mousse, a thin scrunchy, heat protectant, a curling iron with a large-diameter rod and salt spray.

  • Creating Amber Heard's Hairstyle
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    Step by Step Styling Instructions for Amber Heard’s Hairstyle

    1. After shampooing, apply volumising mousse and blow-dry your hair while pulling it over a brush.  

    2. Draw a side parting and sweep your hair over the shoulder opposite of the side parting.

    Tip: If you are in the habit of creating your side parting on the left side switch it to the right side or place it a little lower. That will give the hair above your forehead the needed bounce.

    3. Use the large-diameter rod of a curling iron to create large waves in the front portion of the side hair opposite the parting. This works best if you apply heat protectant to large strands of hair before curling them. Start curling the side hair at ear level. If you prefer undone styling use your fingers rather than a brush to shape the large waves.

    4. Separate the hair on the side with the parting into three strands and French-braid your hair toward the neckline in the back of your head. The braiding should look messy. Every now and then, you may even omit adding a strand to your French braid to create no more than the hint of a proper French braid.

    5. Continue the messy French braid until you reach the centre of the back neckline. Then continue braiding your hair to the ends the regular way. Secure the end of the braid using a scrunchy.

    6. Apply salt spray to the tousled hairdo to create a matte appearance.

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